This all came about when I went to Safeway and saw some "prank" easter eggs that were camouflaged and had an attached suction cup so that you could hide them in mean places. The only problem was that, even though they were on clearance these eggs were still 4-5 times more expensive than the cheap little plastic ones. I thought to myself how could I do this and what esle could i do to torment my daughter, my niece, and five nephews?

Items Needed

Plastic Easter Eggs
Rod or Stake
Thumb Tack
Super Glue
Phillips Screwdriver
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Step 1: Placing them in obscure places

Picture of Placing them in obscure places
As I said to begin with, this all started with a visit to Safeway and a look at some clever, yet overpriced prank easter eggs that were colored in a camo pattern and had a suction cup protruding from them so you could stick them in odd, out of sight places. Now I dont know about you, but there is literally now where in my back yard where I hide the eggs that i could possibly stick a suction cup. so I set out to come up with my own solution using nothing more than a thumb tack and one of those plastic eggs

Step 2: Hangin' Eggs

for whatever reason these particular eggs already had holes in them. At the top and bottom were holes that appeared to be vent holes so I could just put the thumb tack through the hole but it wouldn't have been hard to push them through the soft plastic these are made of. After that, I just grabbed the thumbtack and pushed it into the wood on my deck with it already inside half of the eggshell. then I just snapped the egg back together with some candy inside.

*Just use your imagination on hiding places and watch the kiddos with this egg since it will have a sharp point rattling inside of it when they find it. (if they do find it)
Mauigerbil3 years ago
How about supergluing the eggs to the patio?
justin.jackson (author)  Mauigerbil3 years ago
i like how you think... i just think i didnt do it due to the wood on my deck being a little rough and just kinda thinking the eggs wouldnt superglue to the wood very well.
lemonie3 years ago

You know what that looks like?...nah, surely you didn't arrange things like that deliberately?

justin.jackson (author)  lemonie3 years ago
Maybe it was deliberate...maybe not. :D but to guys, everything is a phallus. Lol
That will do, thanks.

Truehart3 years ago
This is freakin' hilarious! Thanks so much for posting this.
justin.jackson (author)  Truehart3 years ago
youre welcome. and thank you for reading
these are great!
thank you. what was truly great was watching my nephew try to pull the stake out of the ground. :)