Picture of Unclog your sink's drain with just zip-ties!
I've certainly seen my share of drain cleaning chemicals and gadgets on the market and not all of them work all that well. If you are on a serious budget like me then the cheap-o, DIY approach is just the thing that's needed! The best part is, all you need are some zip-ties and a diagonal wire cutter.

Lets get to unclogging!

Step 1: Gather your materials.

Picture of Gather your materials.
This step couldn't be easier: grab some zip-ties and a wire cutter. If you happen to have some extra long ones laying about, grab one of them.

Basically, you'll want enough to reach down into the drain trap.

doo da do3 years ago
I was able to get a really long one from a large diameter steel pole, it was formerly used for a a coke sign. Works like a charm. Doodado
Lola19745 years ago
I did this last night with my bathroom sink and almost puked when a HUGE blob of hair come out of the drain.
I paid $1.00 for 100 zip ties at dollar store.

If you are in a real pinch straighten out a coat hanger and make a small hook on one end. I love that dollar store, you can get many different things for almost nothing.
jovino (author)  Lola19745 years ago
Ewww! but, that's freakin' awesome thtat it worked for you!!! 
Scott_Tx5 years ago
I've actually done this before, I just used a strip of straight plastic though and notched it. Hair fishing.
Pazzerz5 years ago
You know someone is going to want to patent this....  Like all good ideas, you thought of it first, ten years ago.
It already has been:

jovino (author)  Decepticon5 years ago
HAHAHA!! No way! I'm-a-gunna git sued. ;)

This is hilarious. I wonder if I thought up this myself or if I saw one in the store and filed it away in the back of my brain. The video on the page is super funny too.
Figures...  At least jovino has pointed out the ease and cheaper way of doing it without having to pay someone to have it pre-made.