Easter egg hunts are a lot of fun. But you don't have to restrict yourself to just scattering eggs on your front lawn. There are plenty of ways that you can make an Easter egg hunt more interesting. So today, I am going to share a few ideas for unconventional Easter egg hunts.

Step 1: Easter Egg Treasure Hunt

Rather than having a bunch of eggs close together in plain sight, why not make it into a treasure hunt. Spread out the eggs over a large area and make them hard to find. Then give your kid a map to their locations. 

The easiest way to make a map is to find a satellite image online and draw a quick copy on a piece of paper. Then as you are hiding the eggs, mark an "X" at each location. If you have multiple kids, make different maps. That way one kid doesn't waste a lot of time looking for an egg that has already been found.

One of the main advantages of this kind of Easter egg hunt is that you can send your kids running all over a park so that they burn off a lot of energy. 
<p>You have some great ideas. My problem is I will be having 7 groups of 2-3- The areas is also limited to my house, yard and immediate neighborhood. Do I make 7 different hunts? A lot of work. Same hunt and clues but each group has different colored eggs. But I don't want groups constantly running in to each other and seeing where the eggs are. Have groups start at different points in the hunt. Send groups off at different time intervals - but I don't want it to take all night. I was figuring on about 10 clues. Could have # of eggs found is the winner or the best time. Do you have any suggestions?</p><p>Deborah</p>
<p>Here is one idea. Make 7 different maps/sets of clues that lead to 7 different color eggs. Each team is only looking for a certain color egg and their map/clues only lead to those eggs. So they may see the other color eggs while running around but they won't pick them up. You can also use numbers if you can't find 7 different colors of eggs. </p>
<p>Great idea! to expand upon that: If the other team finds another team's egg, they can steal it and get bonus points. It would also be good to have children with phones, so if they DO find another team's egg, instead of calling an adult over, they can just snap a photo and send it.</p>
<p>I like the camera idea. Then you can just have one set of numbered eggs hidden around and the goal is to get a picture of as many eggs as possible. As long as the kids don't move the eggs, you can have as many groups go through as you want. It would also be fun because the kids would try to be sneaky so that the other groups wouldn't know about the eggs that they found. </p>
Our family hides them around the house and in the backyard without giving anyone a map. They're hidden pretty well too!

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