Picture of Under Barrel Grenade Launcher for the MAR
This is an Instructable for an under-barrel grenade launcher for my MAR. It launches grenades which throw fragments around the area of impact upon impact.

Note: The grenade launcher has a block trigger but since this is more of a secondary, special, or back-up weapon I guess it doesn't matter as much.

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Step 1: Making the Components

Picture of Making the Components
Make the following:

Picture 1: Make 2 (Lets for now call these part A).
Picture 2: Make 1 (Lets call this part B).
Picture 3: Make 1 (Lets call this part C).
Picture 4: Make 1.
Picture 5: Make 1.
Masterdude (author)  aleceatsfood4 years ago
here it is, its on a crossbow and the 3rd pic is of shotgun ammo the 4th pic os of grenade ammo! thanks it cool. I have to add more to the cross bow to make it stay stedy but here...
NO 001.JPGNO 002.JPGNO 003.JPGNO 004.JPGNO 005.JPG
Masterdude (author)  aleceatsfood4 years ago
why did i make this and it never worked?
What do you mean that "it" never worked? Did the grenade not shoot out? Did it not fragmentate? Did the trigger not want to move? Or something else? The design is so simple it should almost never fail totally.
it was the gun itself. sorry, i meant to say the gun. it just never fired. i know i built it 100% correct.
Why didn't it fire? Did you use rubberbands or did it just jam constantly?
it jammed
Maybe the ram rod when the trigger is pushed aside hit the white connector? In this case you just push it up until it goes through the hole in the white connector.
ah. thanks. now it shoots!
You're welcome.
it jammed.
GAG35 years ago
Masterdude (author)  GAG35 years ago
GAG3 Masterdude5 years ago
M bar?
Masterdude (author)  GAG35 years ago
Are you just referring to my guns or are you trying to make a joke? If it is supposed to be a joke, how about explaining it or using more words so it can be understood?
GAG3 Masterdude5 years ago
Referring to YOUR guns
Masterdude (author)  GAG35 years ago
GAG3 Masterdude5 years ago
I built it...IT'S AWESOME...Thank's dude.:)
Masterdude (author)  GAG35 years ago
Hey, I'm going to post a new gun soon. It's the MHMG. It has a hi-cap mag, bi-pod, and can have straps as shown. Here's a preview of it:
Mr. Muggle5 years ago
I was the first one to build a MAR: www.instructables.com/id/The-MAR-Tank/
DJ Radio5 years ago
These kinds of "Grenade launchers" are just another excuse to post lame block triggers.  
Masterdude (author)  DJ Radio5 years ago
I do admit that block triggers aren't really good and that true triggers are a lot better but to make a working grenade launcher small enough to fit under the barrel and look more-less realistic I had to use a block trigger.
 you're lame
Who cares?  I'm still right.
~KGB~5 years ago
cool ammo!