Picture of Under Cabinet iPad / Tablet mount
I like to do some cooking from time to time and usually I'm following a recipe I found online. I created this under cabinet mount for my phone so I can follow the instructions easily. You can also use it for tablets / ipads or paperclip a piece of paper to it. It's very simple to make and is inexpensive. It keeps the tablet off the counter tops and out of the way of any flying debris. When I'm not using it I just flip it up and no one knows it is there.
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Step 1: Items Required

Picture of Items Required
photo 1.JPG
You'll need two items to make the mount. The first item is a under-cabinet television mount. These are inexpensive and can be found at Amazon or Monoprice. I got mine from Monoprice. The second item is some type of tablet stand with a back. I used a laptop stand from Ikea called a Brada.

The tools you will need are a jigsaw or hacksaw, maybe some spray paint, and glue.
Nice design and great tutorial. Thanks so much for sharing.