I am on a quest to catch and eat every kind of freshwater fish in New Hampshire...
I have a book coming out in the coming year!
As part of that quest I need to get interesting pictures and video.
Now here is my issue I have a Muvi helmet cam with underwater housing and an old underwater camera that has no video capture ability.
Solution: create a mount that attaches to the top of my underwater video camera on a Budget exactly Zero...
my wife has restricted my fishing spending

These pictures are just snapshots of the black and white image I can see, underwater color video would be awesome!

Step 1: Get Your Materials! Be Creative But Don't Spend Money!!!

Here is what you need...
2 wing nuts and matching bolts
A couple of curtain weights that the bolts fit through. (don't tell me wife I used these)
A camera mount from your cam, I used the mount that attaches to the headband
And of course you need you camera housing

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