Under-bed Storage Unit




Introduction: Under-bed Storage Unit

I made this from pieces of wood I had reclaimed but hadn't found a use for. The large piece is from a wardrobe and the others are various pieces I'd found in skips.
I wanted to have four sections to put different things in so cut three planks to the right length to fit them in. For the corners, I cut some square rods and screwed them on to the edge pieces.
Underneath, I took some basic wheels off a computer desk, drilled holes in the big panel where two of the dividers join it and wedged them in.
This is a very short instructable but it's pretty easy to do! I used a skirting board which I varnished first to make the front piece and had some drawer handles that I fixed onto it.
It didn't require many screws in the whole unit but all you need to do is make sure the corners are attached and put a few so the edges join the base and the dividing pieces.
The long piece at the back wasn't quite long enough so I just cut another piece to join onto the end, fixed them together with a board and as it's under the bed, it won't be seen anyway.
That was it and it fits under my bed fine.



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