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Introduction: Secret Under-lava Home

This instructable shows how to modify a lava pool generated by Minecraft into a secure hidden home. On a server with locketts, only the person that places a chest can open the chest. If you put another person's username in brackets on the chest, they will be able to open it.

If you would like to play in the world I created, download this. Unzip the file and open the Minecraft launcher. Click edit profile, open game directory, then drop the unzipped file in the saves folder. The world should show up under single player.

Step 1: Materials

You will need the following to build the same structure.

  • 119 redstone
  • 33 dispensers
  • 33 lava buckets
  • 24 redstone torches
  • 8 powered rails
  • 5 repeaters
  • 5 ladders
  • 4 rails (normal)
  • 2 buttons
  • 1 pressure plate
  • 1 comparator
  • 1 trapped chest
  • 1 lamp
  • 1 sign

Step 2: The Foundation

You don't have to read the instructions.

Feel free to rely on the pictures.

You will have to remove the lava first. Do not fill the lava pit in with blocks. I recommend you put the lava in buckets so you do not have to scoop a lot of lava from somewhere else. Dig 2 blocks down in the pit you emptied. I put my trapped chest in a hole 3 blocks deep 3 blocks back and 4 blocks to the left of the lava pit tip; as demonstrated in the picture above. Tunnel through the soil to connect that hole to the lava pit and dig to another direction 1 block so you can fit the sign you will put on the trapped chest that will go in the hole. Enlarge the inside of the pit 2 blocks around the edges before moving on.

Step 3: The Source and the Activators

Go back in the hole you dug and put a trapped chest there. Then put a repeater next to the trapped chest while you are still in the hole. Then put a sign on the chest (this will not work if you are not on a server with a lockette). It is fine if you are not on a lockette server.

The redstone will activate any item in a plus shape directly above a redstone torch. The pictures above show the optimum placement for each block with a torch on top.

Step 4: Wire It Up!

The photos show how the redstone goes straight up to each block with a torch. Wire up the activator blocks (the ones with the torches) from both sides, since the blocks are so close together. Redstone loses its strength after 14 blocks, and a repeater strengthens the signal. The side that is to the right if you are looking from where the trapped chest is so much longer that I needed a repeater for the signal to reach all the activator blocks.

Step 5: Bury the Evidence!

Now fill in the pit with dispensers at 1 block below ground level. Make sure not to fill in the block that is on the tip farther away from trapped chest. This will be your entrance. (Refer to the first picture.) As you fill in the inner dispensers, you will experience a problem. When you try to place a block next to another dispenser, it will open that dispenser's inventory instead of placing the block. To fix this problem, place blocks below and put the dispensers on top of those blocks you put down.

Step 6: The Pulse Maker

This circuit is required for the 1-bit memory cell in the next step. You will need to dig out more space for a pulse maker. Just dig a hallway 2 blocks wide and 7 blocks back as in the picture 3. Then you put a repeater down down off the main line like picture 1. Set the repeater to 2 ticks (right click it once). Then place a comparator diagonal to the repeater and connect both ends of the devices together. Set up the final redstone wiring to a block like in picture 2.

Step 7: The On/off Circuit

Make a room 8 blocks back and dig 4 blocks to both sides of the block you just connected redstone to. This device makes sure the piston is retracted when the lava is not out.

Step 8: Wiring Up the Sticky Piston

This device makes it so you can only get in once the lava has been turned off. That way you won't have anyone swimming down through the lava into your home - if they are able to find it at all.

Place a repeater on the end of the on/off circuit, as seen in the upper right corner of the first picture. Dig in another block, and create a staircase that goes down three blocks. Then dig 7 blocks to the left. Dig up, and make the second last block of the hall 1 block taller than the hall and the last 2 blocks taller. Put a redstone torch in the end of the hall and add wire from the repeater to the end of the path you made. Put a block on top of the redstone torch and put a torch on top of that block. As you can see from the second to last picture, the pulser from your pulse maker should be to the left of the torch. Then place a sticky piston on top of the torch and place a stone block on the end of the piston like in the last picture.

Step 9: The Secret Base

Surround the area around where the missing dispenser is with stone. From that entrance dig down 9 blocks from ground level and place 5 ladders going up (I would tell you to add more, but the ladder will disconnect when the piston moves when lava is dispensed.) At the bottom of the hole dig to the left while you are facing the ladder. Dig a staircase down 7 blocks while you face the opposite direction of the ladder. Level off for 2 blocks and dig 2 blocks right. Have fun building your base!

I made a railway for convenience. Put powered rails on all the steps except the first one down, and also at both ends of the rail.

Step 10: Wiring Up the Lava State Indicator

This step creates a lamp that will tell you if your lava dispensers are on or off. If the lamp is on, the lava is on too. That way you can turn off the lava before you ride up.

After you hollow out a base go back into the on/off circuit room and go down to bottom of the small staircase. Dig down and to the right in a counterclockwise motion to create a spiral staircase. (See picture 1.) The staircase will go down 6 blocks, and then dig straight to reach your base. Connect redstone from the redstone line at the top of the staircase to the end of the hall you just made. Add a repeater at the bottom of the staircase. (Make sure you place it facing towards your base.) Make the end of the hallway look like picture 3.

Step 11: Wiring Up the Internal Lava State Changer

This switch will make it so you can turn the lava on and off from inside your house.

Ride the rail to the bottom of the stairs and sneak out of the minecart. (Press shift to get out, don't attack the minecart. This will change your digging location.) Dig down 3 blocks from the block you are now standing on and dig towards the wall that rail is next to until you are one block beyond the wall. Put a block at the bottom where you originally dug your pit. Place redstone on all the blocks except the last one in the pit you just dug. Put a block and a redstone torch at the end like in picture 2.

Next look at the block on top of the redstone torch in picture 2. You will need to put a redstone torch on top of that block. (See picture 3) Continue going up, repeating the pattern of torch-block-torch-block until you reach 3 blocks below the activator room. This process will require some extra digging if you can't fly.

Now have a look at picture 4. You have just added the torch that is lit as the final part of your torch-block pillar. The next step is to create a redstone inverter. Dig up and find the closest redstone line. Go back in the hole with the torch-block pillar and dig horizontally to the closest block with redstone on top. Put a torch on top of the last block you placed in your pillar, and place redstone dust from the first torch to the block with a torch on top underneath the inverter wiring.

Back in the base, place a block to cover the hole in the floor. Put a pressure plate on top of that block. This pressure plate will act as your lava switch. (See picture 1)

Step 12: Put the Lava in the Dispensers

Making sure the piston is extended to cover the entrance. If the entrance is open, use the chest to close the door. Then add 1 lava bucket to each dispenser. Use the chest again to drain the lava pool and open the door. Enjoy the secret base!



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    Cool! I might try this in Xbox360 edition.