Under the Sea Sensory Bin Using Water Beads





Introduction: Under the Sea Sensory Bin Using Water Beads

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What you need:
Packet of water beads
Plastic bin
Plastic play toys

Water beads are great sensory activity for kids. They are wet, yet solid, cold and squishy. ** While water beads are safe to touch they are not edible. Therefore they are not suitable for kids who still put things in their mouth and this activity should always be supervised by an adult no matter what the age of the child is!

Step 1: Water Beads

Most water beads can be found at you local craft store or dollar stores. They are meant as floral vase filler but they make a great sensory material. Making water beads is easy. All you need is a bin, beads and water.

Step 2: Growing Water Beads

Fill your bin with a lot of water and drop the beads and watch them grow. It usually takes about 8 hours for them to reach their full size. Pour out the excess water and they are ready to play. Water beads will last for a few days.

Step 3: Sensory Bin

I used an under the bed plastic bin. Water beads are so much fun to touch and even squish. For extra fun, we added sea theme toys and shells. The creative possibilities with these are endless.



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    Cool idea. What if you leave the water beads in water? Do they last longer? Dissolve? These are the things I must know lol.

    I'm not going to lie, I'm an adult and I would totally play with this.