Under the Sea (seashell Costume/head Piece)





Introduction: Under the Sea (seashell Costume/head Piece)

I'm making a costume for one of our girl performers in our traveling show and we're doing the song Under the Sea, so I needed each dancer to look like something from the ocean. I had the idea to make the one girl into a shell of some sort, so i created the dress to have a clam shell surround her as her collar and then created the headpiece out of that plastic sheet stuff you can get at walmart to make crafts out of. I cut the pieces to fit the head like a head piece and glued them together. Then on top, I created the basic conch shell shape out of printing paper and glued it in place, then used fiberglass fabric and resin over top of that to keep its shape. After it was done drying, I put some bondo on it to fill the cracks and smooth it a bit. After a TON of sanding and getting sick of it, i just let what wasn't smooth yet and hoped it would just add texture to the shell. I used a air brush to paint the colors and more texture on it and then added a gloss finish, elastic, and jewels and it was done. :)



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    can i know what material r u using for the headgear?

    Yes, it's plastic mesh. I believe you use it for crafting...weaving yard in and out of the holes to create a design. It comes in sheets and you can get it at a fabric store or even walmart...I cut it and glued it, then used fiberglass over it to give it strength. :)

    Beautiful. The costume is gorgeous too!

    Thanks! I had fun making it! :)