Under the Desk CD-ROM Cubbies.





Introduction: Under the Desk CD-ROM Cubbies.

Turn useless CD-ROM drives into some cubbies to hide things in under your desk.

Step 1: What You'll Need.

1: a CD-ROM drive that you don't care about. For my example I'm using an old Memorex 48x CD-ROM
2: Tweakers; or precision screw drivers.
3: a medium sized phillips screwdriver
4: a drill
6: drill bit that is no larger around than the screws mentioned in 5. (not sure what size I used.)

Step 2: Gut the Drive!

1: Usually you can remove the guts by taking out the 4 screws on the bottom of the drive (we'll need to keep them, so don't lose them).

2: Pull of the cover. You might need to pry at it a little.

3: Gently pull on one side or the other and lift up on the guts to remove them completely from the chassis. See figure 2.

Step 3: Remove All the Fun Parts. :)

I found at least one rare earth magnet and 2 bi-polar DC motors in each drive... We can keep those for fun. The image below is the carnage from 3 drives I tore apart tonight.

Step 4: Drill the Holes to Keep It in Place.

You need to drill 4 hole in which you will put the screws to hold it to your desk. Most CD-ROM drives don't have that annoying hole in the middle of the case... but the one I used in the example did...

Step 5: Mount It in Place & Replace the Cover.

1: Drive the screws into the bottom of your desk to hold it in place.
2: Replace the 4 screws and the cover that we removed in the first step.

Step 6: Now Put Some Stuff in Them!

We're finished, now fill them with crap that might clutter up your desk. I put my remote, phone and external drive in mine.



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    Now I know where my external hard drive is going to go! It really has not place ON the desk, it just has to go UNDER it.

    This is a great idea! I have a TON of empty DVD-RW shells left after a laser diode harvesting project and I was going to just chop them up for flat metal, but this is much cooler and reusing is always better than recycling :) I have a whole bunch of stuff that I would rather hide UNDER the table, most notably a couple of USB hubs and a couple of power supplies, they just belong in an out-of-the-way storage like this.

    Once again, super cool idea, I guarantee that everyone in the laser hobby field has a stack of these shells (s)he is trying to figure out what to do with, and here is a solution.

    Just a word of caution: most of these shells, except from very old models (back from the days when people actually cared about quality) have VERY sharp edges. You will have to either file off the edges of use these for stuff you would not have to reach for often. If it's under the desk and you don't see it, you'll cut yourself every other time you're trying to grab something from it.

    Great job!

    Now all we need is so way to store all those blank CD spindles!

    Very nice. Love the idea, and gods know I have more old and non functioning CD drives laying around than I know what to do with. Now I know what to do... STORAGE SPACE!!! ~C

    Neat! (I like the warning. I've poked a hole or two straight through a desk before.)