This instructable I was inspired by a recent instructables I've seen on this site a few days ago in this page: https://www.instructables.com/id/square-wood-trivet/
Mine is built with recycled materials and easy to find, easy construction, so much so that I made in a few hours of work: this is the typical "weekend project"

Step 1: The Cut

 If I reproduce the geometrical figure of the Hexagon, I started first to draw on a spruce Strip (sourced from a package), you are exactly identical equilateral triangles, using the wood as much as possible.
For information my triangles have a 70 mm side.
After cutting all blunt edges have sandpaper increasingly end, until I got these pieces as you can see in the figure. cute right?
Nicely done. All sorts of variations are possible from this basic design.
I wonder if this wouldn't work with ceder as well? I do love the idea though. might have to try this myself. nice work.
Looks awesome! Thanks for sharing. Why not use a willow twig to connect triangles?
Thanks for the appreciation. <br> With the Willow twig work would be completely &quot;natural&quot;.Jumping I made the implementation more flexible, though a bit less &quot;pure&quot;. <br>Thanks again!

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