Build an inexpensive Underwater Camera Housing for a DVD recorder.

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First you will need materials. Most of the materials can be purchased localy at a hardware store. I got mine at home depot, But I had to order the ACRYLIC LENS online.


1)4" PVC PIPE (about 6" long,but it depends on your Camera.)
5)1/2" CLEAR ACRYLIC. I got mine online at tp://www.freckleface.com/. I was unable to find it localy, But I bet it would be cheaper.
6) 4" to 3" converter for lens area.
this so cool
Try using a 'Roto-Zip' saw. Works beautifuly for 'non-straight' shapes. Just be sure to have a template (do NOT try to do it 'free hand').
How did you cut the Acrylic perfectly to fit
I had help from a friend who had a drill press. he had a little tool that kind of resembled a compass that you can attach to the drill.
I am going to make a better design soon.
How deep can it go
with just plumbers putty I went about 10ft, i wouldn't do any long deep dives unless you add an O ring. this housing is more built for water sports such as Surfing , wake boarding, sailing. things that more or less get your camera wet or possible dropping might happen.
Not bad. It's pretty similar to Kipkay's housing. + 5 stars though.
It's not really anything like Kipkay's. I'm pretty sure this one would be good for up a couple dozen feet deep if the cement joint holds up at the lense. Not many cements work well on both PVC and acrylic. I've used weldon #16 and 3m 5200 marine acrylic, both work decent. The only downside to this design is that it depends on plumber's putty for the thread seal. It's not something I'd want to mess with on a dive boat. However, for general watersport goofing, it just can't be beat for simplicity.
the plumers putty is a little messy but it tends to work
I just got back from FL, and I went snorkeling at this place called Alexander springs. Beautiful water, clear, it was just awesome. It went from like 2 ft. deep to 10 maybe, and then there's this big rift type thing, that's from 20-30 ft. deep, and it's amazingly clear, great for snorkeling (my first time, may I add, I was lucky to go to a great place) and just an amazing time.
If you have any questons just comment.

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