Hey! First off, this is my first Instructable and honestly, the creation is not super exiting. Just don't expect a perfect guide, it's my first try.

OK. The product of this Instructable is a toy that you can make for cheap, is fun to play and can be carried anywhere.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

First, take a look at the plan for the project below. You might not see what meterials are used where, but that's not a problem. To build this project you will need:

1 small glass jar with metal lid (the ones with pesto are typically about the right size).
1 disposable eyedropper.
1usual drinking straw.
4 to 6 plastic beads of 0.5cm3 and one of ca. 1cm3
A glue gun
Gluesticks for the glue gun
Min. 17x17 cm. of tulle (I belive that's what you call it?)
A thin flat clear plastic lid, min 19x7 cm.
Duct tape

All stuff that you have a good chance of finding around your house. Let's get constructing!
What do you make into a hoop?
Cool, do they still sell these things? L
Actually they sell the factory ones in a lot of places. When I went to the mall I saw a stack of them in the toy store.
oh, i haven't seen them since i was a little kid!
thanks! the factory made ones? i dont think so.
Those were what I meant - It was a good idea to do. L
thanks a bunch :)
This is really neat, well done.
thank you very much!

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