Step 7: Time to Use Those Scissors...

Cut the tulle in a square (or circle if you want) that is minimum 6 centimeters bigger than the opening of the jar, all the way around.

Then cut out a long strip of the plastic lid. it schould be 1 to 2 cm. wide and about 20 centimeters long. You might want to make it a little shorter if your jar is very thin (like mine).

This is also the point where you put in the beads.
What do you make into a hoop?
Cool, do they still sell these things? L
Actually they sell the factory ones in a lot of places. When I went to the mall I saw a stack of them in the toy store.
oh, i haven't seen them since i was a little kid!
thanks! the factory made ones? i dont think so.
Those were what I meant - It was a good idea to do. L
thanks a bunch :)
This is really neat, well done.
thank you very much!

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