Underwater Camcorder Mod! With Video!





Introduction: Underwater Camcorder Mod! With Video!

I always wanted an underwater camcorder housing but they are pretty expensive. Anywhere from $500 on up! I decided to make my own and share it with you. Watch the video that follows with the results!

Step 1: Here Is What You Need...

1. Genuine U.S. Army 50 Cal. Ammo Box 30cm X 14 Cm X 19 Cm
2. Fast Cure 5200 Marine Sealant
3. Industrial Strength Velcro
4. 12" X 12" Lexan or Plexiglass
5. Dremel with cutting blades

Step 2: Preperation...

Place the camcorder in the ammo box and mark the area around the lens. Match that are on the outside and draw out a square large enough to cover the lens area. Mine was 3" X 3" X 3".

Step 3: Build It!

1. Using the Dremel, carefully cut out the hole. Place the camcorder back inside to double check and make sure the lens "sees" through the hole. Clean the area around the hole.

2. Cut a piece of plexiglass about 1/2" larger than the hole. Leave the protective plastic on for right now.

3. Make a bead of Marine Sealant around the hole and attach the plexiglass. I used a couple of lead weighted bean bags to keep the plexiglass in place until it completely cured. Fast Cure takes about 24 hours.

4. After attaching velcro to the camcorder base and your new "underwater housing", put the camcorder in and add the bean bags or other weight as ballasts to keep it in the water.

Step 4: Take It Underwater!

Close up the ammo box and put it underwater for a minute. Remove it and make sure there are no leaks. Now install your camcorder and some weight for ballasts to keep in somewhat under water. The air inside will want to make it float. I used the leaded bean bags.

Now here is the video...watch for yourself!!



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    And kipkay I've watched ALL your YouTube vids. There awesome. Oh yeah including the ones on weekend projects

    For a minute I thought it said underwear mod I was like WTF!

    How could you use the controls without opening it?

    Perhaps you could cut a hole into the side with the controls and place over it a piece of see-through flexible plastic. Sort of like the plastic covering old telephone controls. You might have to modify it so the plastic is held directly over the controls though.

    This would be great for filming my kid in the pool. I have a few suggestions/questions: 1. Would it not be easier to cut away a larger portion (ie most) of the front and use a larger piece of plexi? This would enable you to upgrade the camera at any point. 2. Have you come up with a rig for ballast? I would think that you could use a 1x4 strapped to the bottom. Mount some pins right next to the box, same size as the hole in dumbbell weights. 3. You could install handles out to the ends that would give you better control under water. 4. Combining the two use handles that come through the board by an additional 1.5 - 2", Drill horizontal holes in it and use clips to hold the dumbbell weights in. I love the idea of using an ammo can. They are cheap and easy to find. I will build one, but try to use some of my ideas above. I will let you know how it goes.

    use some plexi on the inside too for an even better seal

    wouldn't it be a good idea to mention that the protective plastic has to be taken off the side your going to stick using the Marine Sealant. otherwise someone migth stick it withought realizing they have to take it off, and when they try it in their pool they'll make a very unfortunate discovery...
    otherwise it's great.
    would you consider submitting it to the underwater ROV group?...could be a nice way to keep your cam dry while exploring the deapths :P

    Can you use clear polyester instead of plexiglass? Was there any fogging?

    Haha, your voice always cracks me up. Your videos remind me of those really wacky infomercials they show late at night. I keep waiting for you to say something like, "And you can get five for the price of one! What a deeeeeaaaaallll!!!" This is a really good idea, though!