Step 9: Control: Surface

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Now we enter the difficult realm of piloting. The two people I talked to use a laptop to control their ROV, using a keypad or joystick to move the ROV around. This is great because all you need is the ROV, the control cable, and your laptop.

I wanted full analog control with out using a microcontroller, so I decided on ESCs, Electronic Speed Controllers. These should be familiar to everyone who has a model plane or car. I needed reversing speed controllers, and stumbled across some at Bane Bots. They are plugged into the Reciever inside the ROV, and the antenna is attached to one of the Cat 5 wires. From there I used my Hitec Remote control with the appropriate crystal and frequency.

The light are controlled by a switch that is operated by a servo. The compass has yet to be set up, but I think I might just use a bunch of LEDs instead of trying to interface it with my laptop.

EDIT: I have since upgraded my control system using an Arduino microcontroller and a servo controller.  I will post my results a soon as I finish sea trials.
jernigan006 years ago
Question...The antenna from the reciever is attached to a wire in the Cat5. Is that same wire expesed on the other end so as to "receive" signal from the transmitter? If so how much is exposed? thx