Underwater Viewer





Introduction: Underwater Viewer

Make your own viewer to look at under-water creatures.



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    Nice dimple project. What will they think of next, glass bottom boats? :)

    That's brilliant

    try curling the cut edge of the pet bottle inward by using the body of a "not so hot" soldering iron maybe 30 watt run the soldering iron along the edge heating the plastic to shrink toward the inside of the bottle. i have curled pet bottle edges on a flat iron to make small pots it sort of stiffens the edges by the curl formed

    Great idea! Sometimes simplest is best. The comments about sharp edges around the cutout are valid, but a touch with sandpaper or even an emery board should solve the problem. A cigarette lighter would work too, but may not be a good idea if your little oceanographer is helping with the construction.

    Little builders will need to learn to play.., uh, er work with fire at some point. This would be a good as place as any to start. With adult guidance of course. A long nosed fire shooter will keep the heat well away from young, and old hands. Does anyone use matches anymore?

    it may well work but this idea is so stupid it got to be American

    Any idea that works can't be stupid. No matter what creed, economy, gender, nationality, politics race, or sexual preference. Apologies to anyone I failed to mention.

    Great idea & so simple to do. The kid's will get great use out of this...many thanks!