Step 4: Checkout the Space for the Female Stereo Scoket to Fit

Find the both R & R+ and L & L+ point on the circuit board. Also locate vacate space where your mini stereo female socket can fit. Solder three wires to mini socket, poition it properly and with solder iron make hole in the hedphone body. Clean the access melted plastic using knife/blade. Use Glue gun to hold the socket in position. I made half curve in top panel case nd half curve in bottom case so it fits around the headphone femle socket perfectly.
<p>you didnt show anything about bluetooth what gives?</p>
<p>Looks like this article is old. <br>Now you do not need to take so much trouble. You can buy a bluetooth adaptor with lineout option. This can cost you as low as USD 8 on ebay. You can buy the expensive ones for USD.20 to USD.25.<br><br>My knowledge says it does not matter which one you buy as far as sound quality is concerned both should be the same since bluetooth will just transfer the audio signal to your music system and the final amplification will be done by your music system.</p>
<p>Great man!</p><p>Congratulations!</p>

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