Step 3: Shape It

Obviously the first thing to do is figure out how it will fit into the metal you have.
Then it's time to shape.
The first thing I do is cut the metal to slightly over the length I want it.
For this you can either grind it, or you can use the hacksaw.

The second thing to do is to clean up the metal. While you will be grinding much of it away, cleaning it up makes it easier to think, and means that you don't have to go around later to tidy up the bits you don't cut down (for me, the edge of the square bit).
Using sandpaper later will round off the edges, and a little sharpness is what we are looking for.
So sand it. Shouldn't take that long, just a few minutes.

I don't have any photos of the construction I'm afraid.
Cool, clever and well thought out - - big respect. <br> <br>DZ
How much I would have loved to have this through geometry...
I have needed one of these for years, inherited fidgeter.
Where can I order one? :)
simply awesome. you see something new everyday.
i dont want to live on the planet anymore...
Correct me if I'm wrong, but can't you unscrew it, thus creating a bolt that can be dropped?
Dad always carried a worry rock. I guess he was the organic type. If he had seen this he would have switched! Gotta go make me a fidget-thing!
I absolutely love this. In a very weird way.
I'm a little susceptible in that it looks like a shank weapon. Who knows if a person gets mad at another they can just throw it at them. Just an observation not an opinion or to be mean, just poking holes in the theory.
Hence the reason that the end is squared off, not left a point. Besides, it may be a little small to inflict damage! <br>But yes, if you really were desperate you could throw it at the lecturer, and hope no-one notices it was you....
cool ! I used to carry a bolt with 3 nuts and a couple washers, I mangled the last few threads on the bolt so the nuts couldn't spin off.. it got me through many a lecture.
You could sell this - seriously. The rate of fidgeting is way up these days. Nervous leg syndrome everywhere - offer it as a package deal with something for bouncing knees and you're a millionaire!
Slap a bottle opener on it and you really reach out to the collegiate market.
Little more work and it looks like a nice desin foe a small hammer.
That's a great idea. <br> <br>If you made it as some sort of jewellery, it would be <em>absolutely</em> undroppable!

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