Picture of Unexpensive Snoot Grid for Flash
Some time ago I wished to experiment some photographic tecniques, to create effects that makes you marvel.
Some of these tecniques are actually very simple, as smoke photography, light painting, and also using a flash snoot to make unique photos.
Here I explain you to build a flash grid snoot from daily use objects. My flash is a Canon 580EX but you can make the snoot of this Instructable probably for any flash.

Step 1: The glittering extremely rare container

Picture of the glittering extremely rare container
This is simply a soap plastic container, the one with dispenser you can find in any shop I don't know where [UPDATE: I'm still searching another one after years]. Maybe you can go to choose your soap taking your flash with you... this should be funny!
You've to cut out the bottom of the container, left the round border so it should keep the straws inside. Also cut the container about 8 cm high. To make a perfectly straight cut you can choose to wrap around the container a paper sheet. Aligning the border of the sheet you'll have the trace for your cut. Use a saw or a cutter and refine the border with some sandpaper.
Broom2 years ago
Where do you get the black straws? I've been looking for some for over a year now!
tqwerty Broom2 years ago
I'm pretty sure they have them at Harvey's.. (chain burger place)
andrea biffi (author)  Broom2 years ago
Hi Broom, here in Milan you find it in supermarkets, but last time I've asked to an Irish pub and they gave me some of their ones :-)
Thanks... :\

I'll keep looking here in the US!
andrea biffi (author)  Broom2 years ago
Broom, I think that any colour should be good, also if it's better dark, you shouldn't see any variation in the light beam, I'll make a try to confirm that...
fran3co2 years ago
Hi, Great Instructable! Can you tell us the brand of the soap? the container looks custom made for a flash DIY accessory. Thank you.
andrea biffi (author)  fran3co2 years ago
Thanks! I don't remember the brand but I'm searching in shops if I found the same container... I'll let you know as soon I've news.
J-Five2 years ago
I thought it said Unexpensive "Snot" Grid for Flash. My mistake.
andrea biffi (author)  J-Five2 years ago
I've learnt a new word! ;-)
I kow, I misread it lol
This is genius. I like the using honeycomb grids in the studio, and was not sure how to get this on to a 580.... great job!