Millions watched my demonstration titled Unexplained Phenomenon -- Simplest Electric Motor. Thousands tried to explain what was going on. Most got it wrong. This video demonstrates another version of the motor. This one has 4 parts, rather than 3, but it is easier to build. If you thought you could explain version 1 you may have to rethink your explanation after seeing version 2.

Which part is unexplained? The way a current-carrying wire interacts with a magnetic field to produce a moment of force has been understood since the early 1800's when Michael Faraday demonstrated it.
That may be a VERY high level description, but it glosses over the fact that this motor works completely differently than any other motor out there. The moment of force is at a right angle to the magnetic field, not pushing directly away. Michael Faraday did demonstrate this, but he never explained it in any satisfactory way. All other electric motors work on a different principle. <br /> <br />I have seen some explinations for the effect, they normally use relativity and lots of heavy math. I would love to get it clear in my mind also, but it isn't a simple problem to explain.
its actually pretty well understood...<br>also, if you leave that running too long you might get a hole in your battery (and stuff leaks everywhere, not fun...)
Well , the battery will go dead long before it happens .
Is it something to do with the magnetic field generated which peels off the threads in such a way that repels the screw in that direction from the magnets field?
A bunch of you are complaining that the guy thinks there is no explanation. Don't be daft. He says right in the description, &quot;Most got it wrong,&quot; trying to explain his first video. That implies, &quot;Some got it right.&quot; As in, there is an explanation, and he knows what it is. In fact, the whole point of the second video is to provide a hint. It makes the phenomenon easier to visualize and solve on your own.<br><br>Since this two-step logic is eluding a few people here, I'll make an analogy. Just as the solution to a Sherlock Holmes story remains a mystery to other people even after you yourself have read it, the explanation for this phenomenon remains a mystery to other people even after you yourself read about it in your engineering textbook.<br><br>The underlying principle is, it is fun to be presented with something as a mystery for you to solve, even if others have solved it before.<br><br>Admit it - the guy put together a couple of nice demos.
It isn't unexplained... Also I've cleared your keywords, you didn't separate them properly and a large portion of them were unrelated to the instructable.

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