Step 3: Glue and Zip-Ties

Picture of Glue and Zip-Ties
Insert the Female end of the USB extention (the part that doesnt connect to your computer) into the hole you just drilled.
Then just apply the glue/epoxy and let it sit for 24 hours. This Creates a strong bond between the plastic and metal. I used some tape to help hold the connecter in place while the glue cured. Be sure to apply glue to both sides of the connecter. Once thats dry the next day, zip tie 2 of the metal "ears" so they wont fold in on themselves when you use it.
edrichhans4 years ago
can i ask what the zipties is for??

randy82k5 years ago
You could use a stick of two part epoxy puddy  which is sold in hardware stores for plumbing and other repairs. Just cut off as much as you need and apply around cable and strainer. gets hard quite fast 30 min or so.
Hello u wont mind if i use your ideas for my science project if you let me i am wondering how do you mostly do that
Eduiño6 years ago
Why I cant take the metal ears with my own hands?
lugwrench6 years ago
If you do want to fold this for transport ( I thought thats why you would use a folding collander?) you can use the twist ties that come on bread or food storage bags.