video UniGeezer: "How to be a 52 year old extreme unicyclist!
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leebryuk7 years ago
I've always wondered, how do you protect "the boys" on these stunts?" The beating of a mountain bike can be bad enough with everything safed, but the beating inbetween the pubic bone and IL bones in the pelvis has to hurt over time?
rug leebryuk3 years ago
U lower ur seat and push with ur feet, the seat is nicer than a bikes, and u learn how to sit
the icon looks cool vids don't work at school
MegaMaker5 years ago
Wow. I want to uni even more now.
bill_man6 years ago
you are a king!!
bounty10126 years ago
Lol freaking amazing!
where can i get one f these uni extreme bikes? I broke mine cause i was trying stuff nad it wasent an extreme model
You could get a toker dx it's built like a tank and surprisingly cheap for what you get I bout mine for 250$ it's the next step down from being professional.
rimar20007 years ago
¡You are GREAT!
I haven't been on my uni forever. Maybe I'll go take a ride now, thanks for the motivation!
vanpaun7 years ago
w00t lol first viddy that actually kinda worked :)
PetervG7 years ago
Just naming the title won't work
PetervG PetervG7 years ago
Actually, it will work perfectly. Nevermind