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I've always wondered, how do you protect "the boys" on these stunts?" The beating of a mountain bike can be bad enough with everything safed, but the beating inbetween the pubic bone and IL bones in the pelvis has to hurt over time?
U lower ur seat and push with ur feet, the seat is nicer than a bikes, and u learn how to sit
the icon looks cool vids don't work at school
Wow. I want to uni even more now.
you are a king!!
Lol freaking amazing!
where can i get one f these uni extreme bikes? I broke mine cause i was trying stuff nad it wasent an extreme model
You could get a toker dx it's built like a tank and surprisingly cheap for what you get I bout mine for 250$ it's the next step down from being professional.
¡You are GREAT!
I haven't been on my uni <em>forever</em>. Maybe I'll go take a ride now, thanks for the motivation!<br/>
w00t lol first viddy that actually kinda worked :)
Just naming the title won't work
Actually, it will work perfectly. Nevermind

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