How to Make a Unicorn or Unicat or Unipig or ....


Introduction: How to Make a Unicorn or Unicat or Unipig or ....

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Unicorns are well known. Not many people know, that they are not alone. Here come two more specimen. Both rather shy. Welcome Unicat and Unipig.

Step 1: This Is What You Need:

- plastic toy animal
- a skewer
- a mini file (you can also use one for fingernails)
- glue
- two needles (one small, one a little bigger)
- nail polish
- pliers

Step 2: The Horn

File a spiral into the skewer. You could mark the spiral with a pencil to make it easier. Cut it off in the length you like. I cut the horn for the cat too long at first so I had to cut it shorter later.
Next you make a little hole into the base of the horn. I started with the file and finished with the bigger needle. You then put the needle into the head of the animal. This looks horrible, pretend it is accupuncture, that makes it easier. : )
To secure the horn onto the head you need a short length of the small needle. Push this into the head, add some glue and put the horn on top. LET DRY.

Step 3: Add Color

Paint the Unianimal in our favorite color.
Keep or give away.



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love it! The star on the hind is perfect!

Great job!

Please send another photo after the color :D

Again wow! Great job!

ps I get mine at the fleamarket

yeah, go right ahead


careful it's addictive...