Unicorn Log Splitter





Introduction: Unicorn Log Splitter

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Прикольный дровокол!

Thank you

bolshoy_plohish for sharing, but I want add a little tip about "the how to" build this unicorn piece.

I know that one piece steel cone piece must be made by a machinist (turner) . After you got the steel cone You can attempt make the screw in the surface of that cone. For everyone who want to know about it, I put this link: Best Regards.

link :


I'm looking at making one of these. I too would have liked a bit of text on this 'instructable' but from what I have seen most people buy a kit like this:


Then basically (or not!) folk have just fashioned (or copied) a way of connecting a kinetic force to the shaft - Single phase AC motor, stand alone engine or Tractor (Power Take Off).

If I get round to making a fully functional example it shall be my first instructable.

Screw, drill bit with left thread.
He uses 9HP 4 stroke engine, The more power the better. Transmission from motorcycle. The pin on the line was used like a gas pedal.

Years ago I saw a similar deice for sale in Popular Science that attached to the wheel lugs on a vehicle. The picture showed a truck on jackstands and a guy splitting logs with it. Looked scary dangerous to me.

This looks very intresting but like The Ideanator said we need details! What type of motor? where the bit come from? connecting it all together? how to use it? And many other questions come to mind. I'll be waiting for this to get finished.

This is interesting and probably awesome, but since there's no text to read (except essentially un-translatable Cyrillic) and a sketchy looking link, I'm lost as to its construction and performance. Would you mind filling us in?