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Magically Delicious! Unicorns may manage their elusiveness but they left behind some fanciful evidence of their existence and I was able to recreate their leavings.

This unicorn poop, in reality, has a funny story. I told my mom that I was making some "Unicorn Sneezes" and she said "when are you going to make your unicorn sh*t?" And then it hit me...Great idea, Mom! It will take a dirty spin and become unicorn poop, instead! She doesn't want the credit for encouraging me, but I still thank her. Haha. BTW: These things are sparkly to the max. Even more-so than ANY art project. I wish that the video would have captured the magic. *cry*

The real deal - it's made of sugar cookies, rainbow dragees, rainbow star sprinkles, white sparkle gel, and rainbow disco dust.

Enjoy! <3

**** Update 4/12/12 **** I'm very excited about all of the responses that I've been getting, and I am so excited to see what you guys have done with this idea. Thanks for adoring this cute recipe and sharing the magic with your families and friends. :) Once I get a moment, I will collect all the images on the net and make a "step" with the photos that I find! ALSO - I baked my unicorn poop cookies for a cake show in San Diego and I got second place, with a trophy and certificate. Pretty awesome!!

Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
I'll attach a photo of the recipe, so make note of what you have or need from that list!

Now - on the sparkly side:

*Disco Dust, Rainbow - $8
*Wilton's Sparkle Gel, white - $4
*Rainbow Dragees - $8
*Star Sprinkles - $2
*Food Coloring, Standard + Neon - $7
(You can never buy too much food coloring.) 
*Cheap Paint Brush

The amount of poops that you will get from this recipe depend on how big your unicorn is.

wow lol dikke duimtroffee

elliotnash2 months ago

This has got to be the most ackward and yet cool tutorial I've seen so far. Good job, I guess.

Book Girl2 months ago
eww...lol cool

Omg love this!

kveraha5 months ago

I like this idea. Its cute how you get this idea, I am going to make it for my aunt's b-day next month. lol

anomar7 months ago

Well, I checked out Diva Dust and see nothing about it being edible......it's surely non toxic, but it's cornstarch, talc, mica for softness, Vitamin C, Aloe Vera Leaf Extract, infused with pheromones................sort of shiny moisturizing make up. Don't want to eat that, either, especially the talc. Those Rainbow Dust Edible Glitters [not the ones OK for "food contact"] are really nice.

You may want to check up more on what the actual recipe says... its DISCO dust not Diva dust. Disco dust is a non-toxic cake glitter for confectioners. :p

Disco dust, as verified to me by 3 large US suppliers, is PLASTIC CRAFT GLITTER. It is may be non-toxic, but it most certainly is not edible. It is for use only on decos that will be removed before eating, which is clearly not the case when applied to cookies. My comment about "Diva Dust" is in response to another post [by shoelessjess] who was offering that as an alternative to disco dust--see that comment below. :p

How did you come up with this idea?

Snellingkorey7 months ago

oh lovely, my nieces favourite is unicorn poo

davidbarcomb9 months ago

This project looks weird. But great idea, the kids will definitely love them.

shoelessjess.11 months ago

Ok, so the "adult stores" carry something called Diva Dust (you can also get it on ebay) that IS edible and IS glittery. It's also much cheaper (anywhere between $8 and $11 for 0.5 oz.) Rainbow Dust also has a line of edible glitters.
I'd recommend that if you're afraid of using the Disco Dust. A little less shimmer, but also a little less plastic.

EricaR111 months ago

Thank you for sharing this! My daughter loves them!

Erika861 year ago

HAHAHAHA this is awesome! I have to make these. Might skip the craft disco dust thought

ABCSoup1 year ago

We had fun:)


nice poop hahahahaha!!! its so cool ;D I want to make some!!!

spewlocks1 year ago

This is adorable

XmasOlive1 year ago

This is adorable!!! I *must* have the neon food coloring- asap pronto!!! heheheheh!

Thats breathtaking...

bigefish1 year ago
Teachable2 years ago
Cool! Is the disco dust supposed to be used for food?
Farther down, someone commented that it is actually plastic craft glitter, so it shouldn't be eaten even though it is 'non-toxic'. (I was wondering the same thing after seeing the picture of the jar above)
Farther down, someone commented that it is actually plastic craft glitter, so it shouldn't be eaten even though it is 'non-toxic'. (I was wondering the same thing after seeing the picture of the jar above)
I gotta ask...what are unicorn sneezes? I googled it and there isn't anything that I could find. My curiosity is peaked lol.
gubimann1 year ago
Finally! It´s time for your x-mas cookie party! And here comes the original UNICORN-POOP-COOKIE-PARTY PLAYLIST on Spotify... ENJOY!!!

Watch the yoyomax12video on how to make unicorn poop cookies she uses the same recipe with edible sprinkles
I didnt have enough time to make the poop part but i made the sugar cookies
i frickin love these
My friends and I can't wait to eat this shit!
as92 years ago
schl2 years ago
I made these for coworkers and they were a hit.
Kelly022 years ago
I love them!
xavia452 years ago
What temp do you bake it on and how long?
Chloe82 years ago
They are cute!
Kk132 years ago
These r so cute I love them
this is so cool I think im going to try this today and eat some unicorn poop haha
monkeypenny2 years ago
I made these for my younger cousin's birthday, she and her entire family got a huge kick out of it. (And the jokes about what a crappy gift I got her went on for days...) But as a retaliatory gift she made me some Dragon Poop. It is a chocolate cookie, with butterscotch chips, various sprinkles and homemade sugar gems (Her sister is a cake decorator)
Dragon Poop.jpg
JensonBut2 years ago
Is a very good website, Yes, for I have a lot of help, thank you!!!!!!
I would recommend to my friends.
this has got to be one of the coolest things i have ever seen!
adunster2 years ago
The lady at the store I bought mine at suggested to put some in the lid, use a brush and sort of "flick" the brush over what I wanted to disco dust. (hold it in one hand and tap with the other)
haha222 years ago
hey guys just wondering do you melt the shortening??
jojomamama2 years ago
I made these last night and the were delicious BUT the flattened out. Any suggestions?
tfargle2 years ago
aturner202 years ago
I am making these at a annual Christmas Cookie party with friends. They are going to be a huge hit! Thank you for the easy to follow instructions to make it wayy easier to pull off!
ecsaul232 years ago
YEA!!! Go Unicorn Poop!!! hope you win!
poofrabbit2 years ago
Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween contest!!! Can’t wait to see if you win! Good luck! (This is still one of the funniest things I've ever seen to eat!)
ecsaul232 years ago
Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I used your instructable in my Halloween venture this year. I made Lady Rainicorn from Adventure Time and built a conveyor belt that allowed the unicorn to poop your unicorn poop cookies of epicness. Check it out if you get a chance
164052 years ago
I was bored; so for some reason, I decided to go to Google and put in poop and I got here...

Don't ask.
If only there was a way to put pop rocks in these that wouldn't activate until you ate them! Please tell me someone has a solution for how to make that happen?
Well you could put it. On the sparkle gel or if it doesn't work u could wait 4it 2 dry and put it on
hmrkdr2 years ago
For those commenting about the cookies "spreading," the warmer your butter, the more your cookies will spread during baking. Try using cold or just soft butter when you're mixing the cookies. It's a little harder to mix this way, but you should maintain a nice little "pile" of poop!
ejohnson93 years ago
I'm trying to make these tonight, but I'm using a gluten-free cookie recipe.
How did you make yours GF?? Mine did not work, tasted ok but spread
try using cold butter...the softer the butter, the more the cookies will spread
I was just thinking the same thing!! I usually use the Arrowhead Mills gf recipe (white rice flour based) Do you have a recipe that holds shapes well?
A bit worried about the sprinkles, though. Hooray for paranoia!
I think i am going to try to make these for me , my little sister , and my little brother. My little sister actually thinks it is unicorn poop but i didnt want to say that it wasnt and they she asked if we could make some so i said maybe and then i saw some rainbow cake so we tried that but it didnt come out just quite right but it was still good <3

Thank you
anomar3 years ago
Please be aware that Disco Dust is merely fine grain PLASTIC CRAFT GLITTER and it is NOT for consumption. It's non-toxic, but NOT edible. It should be used only on items that will be removed and NOT eaten.
I have to agree, I went to Michales and found that Wilton makes a glitter dust very similar that is nontoxic and edible, made from sugar I believe. I will not be using Disco dust in my cookies. No idea why bakers feel as if this is a safe thing to use.
Chadifornia3 years ago
Thank you for this fantastic idea.
I added mini m&ms to mine (the batter and at the end) and modified the dough to a more stable cookie that I knew of. Super cute!
how can you eat gel?
thefem3 years ago
Made these with my 4 year old son (he thought it was the coolest thing ever btw) for a friends BBQ and they were sooo yummy also followed the little notes in the margin of your cookbook and they were a huge hit with the adults and kids alike! thanks so much for making me the coolest mom ever xD

unicorn poop.jpg
ppiper thefem3 years ago
Did you use the recipe in the instructable or another one? I'm worried about the cookies running and losing their shape or being quite dry :(
D Lo3 years ago
Hate to ask a silly question, but is Unicorn Poop edible? The reason I ask, is b/c the disco dust I have found on line says it's non-toxic but not made for consumption. I hate to make these really awesome cookies and not be able to ingest them. Does anyone know the dirty on the disco dust or where I can find the stuff that IS edible?
realmjit D Lo3 years ago
I found edible glitter at michael's, made by Wilton. it was called "Shimmer dust"
D Lo realmjit3 years ago
Thanks! I did some research on the disco dust and I think the general consensus is that it's just for decoration. It probably won't kill anyone, but it's not recommended for human consumption either. I'm going to try it with the Wilton stuff you mentioned. Thank you for the suggestion! :)
ppiper D Lo3 years ago
I tried it with the Wilton's Shimmer dust (in silver) and it came out exactly like the picture! :) Don't overdo it with the dust though or your cookies will come out slightly gritty. :)
gramlin3 years ago
That is how space cakes should look like!
Spokehedz3 years ago
I'm thinking that a spritz bottle of water to keep the dough hydrated slightly through the rolling/shaping process would help with the cracking issues.
Mystique_nz3 years ago
Has anybody made these with Gluten Free baking mix? I attempted it, the colours were amazing but the unicorn was sick and the poop ran right of the baking tray and into the oven!
Not sure if was because of the flour or baking powder or both....help!
lil larry3 years ago
HAhaha! I laughed myself crazy when I showed my friends. Good job.
elginX3 years ago
Very cute idea. I want to make these for my kids but we do not eat food coloring or cellulose. There are companies that sell "natural" food dyes online. I don't know about a Disco dust substitute, I'll have to look around.
For those who were posting about cellulose, yes, vegetables have cellulose and it is a necessary fiber etc; but most added cellulose is actually wood pulp. A majority of processed food products use wood pulp because it is cheaper than actual food ingredients.
I'm baking them with my students tomorrow. Even in middle school, they are all VERY excited about them. I'll let you know how they came out!
kristylynn84 (author)  princesslahoma3 years ago
omg better take pictures!! :D
nayohme3 years ago
I havn't tried it yet, but this recipe claims to hold its shape and not spread:

6 cups flour
3 tsp. baking powder
2 cups butter
2 cups sugar
2 eggs
2 tsp. vanilla extract or desired flavoring
1 tsp. salt

If you try it before me, let me know how well it held the shape of your poops :)

it also says to bake at 350° for 8-10 mins.
anickh nayohme3 years ago
Nayohme youre right, this recipe is great for keeping its shape. the recipe that instructables gives makes flat no good runny cookies

so everyone use this recipe (this is a half version of the one above. also doesnt need baking powder, baking powder makes it spread a little. we want no spreading)

3 cup flour
1 cup unsalted butter
1 cup sugar
1 egg
1 t vanilla
1/2 t salt

350 6-8 min
anickh anickh3 years ago
i make this recipe a lot anickh.blogspot.com
looks yummy
spinalqueen3 years ago
I just made these and my daughter took them to school. They were a big hit, the kids loved them thanks so much for the instructable.
I made these, but i had to work out what american "cups" measurment meant in england...anyway.... Since i live in england ive never heard of this "glitter gel" or the disco dust stuff, and nor neon food colouring... Anyway, its tastes disgusting is all i can say! it looks good though ;)
An American cup (liquid) is 8 oz by volume, about 240-250 ml. Dry cups are a bit different because it is one for each size (1/4 cup, 1 cup, etc) so one can level off the top. And the weight varies considerably because a cup of feathers is not the same weight as a cup of lentils, for instance.
But if you want to play at the recipes, that's a place to start. Fill flour to about 250ml on a measuring cup, then weigh it. You can modify as you play with the recipe.
A tsp (teaspoon) is 5ml. A Tbls (tablespoon) is 15ml.
An American pint is 16 ounces (versus 20 in the UK).
Baking soda (if you come across it) is sodium bicarbonate.
Lol. I'm gonna show this to my friends and theyre gonna be all like, "what are you eating?" and Im gonna be all like, unicorn poop! LOL!
pearadox3 years ago
i made these for a school birthday treat since in my classroom I DO THE COOKIES (teeheehee) they were for a senior i'm mentoring this year,she's now 18 and these couldn't have been more perfect .seriously time consuming,not too expensive with coupons,but incredibly,remarkably,unbelievably perfect! i used the sour cream recipe in the comments and it worked awesome, really stretchy!!!! didn't dry out at all! i also couldn't find rainbow disco dust so i got white and skied the dragees.but my reputation as the coolest teacher (ok well strangest teacher) will remain unchallenged i think for a long time now!thanks a million!!!
allikf3 years ago
These were too fun. I just used the color and candies that I had in the house (and mine totally spread) but I added a bunch of meyer lemon zest and they taste really good. Taking them to a bake sale at a gay pride event. I hope they are a hit.
They will be a HUGE HIT! That is an amazing idea. Or actually, the event probably already happened. Hope it went well!(:
food dyes, plastic grounds, artificial flavors - this sounds delicious ?

What is wrong with you people that you would make this for yourselves let alone for your children.

Please buy natural food dyes and flavors - there are no natural foods that resemble "disco dust" so just skip that step or just sprinkle colored sugar.

People won't sell these products if we dont buy them. Wise Up !

Those cookies look cool as zhit though ! Very artistic but inedible for sure !

We followed the directions (except the scoop & pour method for measuring the flour) and they turned out great! I was going to use them to prank a friend, but since he ended up being in his car the night I was going to have the unicorns poop on it, my evil scheme was thwarted. Anyway, thanks for all the laughs and the amazingly fun day I spent with two different friends making then discussing the unicorn poop!
TheMacyC3 years ago
Awesome !
Gonna have to try these soon !
diannarreah3 years ago
Making these was so much fun! LOVED IT!
I used the lemon flavoring and it was deelish! The cookies themselves were so yummy and moist. I wasn't able to find the shiny ball thingies in rainbow colors so i just used sprinkles instead.
Thank you so much for sharing!
Madia45893 years ago
I read that the disco dust, while non toxic is not supposed to be edible. That its made from finely ground plastic.... Any recommendations for a safer option?
Hey. I called the company I ordered from (Sunflower Sugar Art) and they said although they heard that some companies sell plastic, theirs was actually made of tiny cellulose gum fibers which are natural.

These were it:
Cellulose gum is not digestible though, cellulose is made from wood fiber. So, while it may be natural, that doesn't make it safe.
you're joking right?

the Disco Dust i used is no worse than any of the many processed foods we eat today. See here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/maria-rodale/top-10-reasonsbr-to-avoid_b_1201560.html

Interesting to know "many foods get their red coloring--"carmine"--from ground-up insect shells."

Also read this:

I'm not spreading misinformation-cellulose is not digestible by humans. You yelling at me does not change that fact.
"Humans are unable to digest cellulose because the appropriate enzymes to breakdown the beta acetal linkages are lacking. (More on enzyme digestion in a later chapter.) "

Also, not everyone chooses to eat loads of processed foods, just because its common doesn't make it right. I wasn't attacking your choice in ingredients, I was merely pointing out that cellulose based disco dust is no more digestible than plastic disco dust. Both are items I would not use as an ingredient because it's not something I would choose to feed myself or my family.
There is a major difference between something not being digestible and not being safe for consumption. Not being digestible ONLY means that your body does not break it down into calories, ie fuel. It absolutely does not mean that it's bad for you. Grains and green vegetables are full of cellulose. It's better to understand than to react.
I hope you don't eat any whole grain foods or have any regularity issues, if you're worried about processing cellulose. Cellulose is plant fiber -- you know that stuff we're all supposed to be eating more of?

From your article...
Undigestible cellulose is the fiber which aids in the smooth working of the intestinal tract.

From this article (http://www.ext.colostate.edu/pubs/foodnut/09333.html)

In contrast, fibers in cell walls are water insoluble. These include cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin. Such fibers increase fecal bulk and speed up the passage of food through the digestive tract. Wheat bran and whole grains contain the highest amounts of insoluble fiber, but vegetables and beans also are good sources.

Humans, unlike cows and horses, don't have the multiple stomachs and enzymes to break down plant matter fully, which means much of it goes right on through. But that's what you want to happen -- the alternative is much worse.
you are aware that the reason ruffage and greens are good for you is because they are made of cellulose, right? do you think eating lettuce is a bad idea too? do you remember 5th grade science class when we learned the difference between plants' and animals' cells and plants have a cell wall made of cellulose?

lol don't drink so much kool aid.
you obviously did not read the article i just posted. here it is again, for your convenience:


and here is another from the Mayo Clinic, the most prestigious medical center in the world:

the FDA itself says its safe and digestible. so again, please read and stop spreading misinformation. and what is elmhurst anyway? please do not justify scientific evidence from inferior sources; it can be irritating when you could've used correct information supported by scientific evidence produced by reputable institutions, as have I.
That doesn't make it unsafe either. Cellulose is what constitutes most of the fiber in our diets and without it we would have crusty, toxic intestines. Fiber is our bodies' "Roto Rooter."
It's all edible. They use it on "Cupcake Wars" all the time.
clear crystal sugar
While I'm not advocating eating plastic by any means, technically if it's not toxic, it should mean that when you eat it it will pass through your system, without leeching out any toxic, substances.
kind of like eating a rock. That being said, I'd say look for a better alternative than eating plastic.
I found that silver shimmer spray works surprisingly well as a substitute for the disco dust. Gives it plenty of sparkle whilst not blocking the colours too much. You should be able to find it in the home-baking aisle of any good supermarket, I used the Dr. Oetker brand. :)
Rainbow Disco Dust is an extra fine glitter that will add a touch of color with lots of sparkle to your cakes and confections. Disco Dust contains only ingredients that are non-toxic and are ideal for use with gum paste or rolled fondant. Intended for use in the dry form, Disco Dust can also be mixed with oil-based flavorings or alcohol for painting and highlighting. Make a paste with vodka or grain alcohol to brighten up confections, bread, cookies, and pastries. Certified non-toxic. Not water soluble. Net wt. 3 g.
While I have a morbid aversion to food coloring, you have utterly *enchanted* me with both your creativity and commitment. With Valentine's Day coming up, I'd like to try to make "Dragon Poop" with my 4 year old son. I'm thinking the beet-based "natural" red food dye, swirled with a brown cocoa/chocolate dough, filled with cinnamon red hots and some sparkly stuff.

Wheat flour is not my usual go-to for baking, I'm always inviting exotic flies and moths into my home with sorghum, buckwheat, rice, tapioca flour. Not to mention how sticky my counters are with agave nectar and rice syrup.

But I can't imagine these cookies working without using the Old School, colon-clogging, diabetes-causing deliciousness of sugar and butter.

I'll need to make them smaller, too since little kids will be eating them.

And advice or direction you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
ComiGirl3 years ago
I saw your recipe and had to try it. Here are my results.
My boyfriend couldn't figure out what i was making, but when i was done, he was like, "What the -...!" Anyway it was fun and i have all the pictures on my blog, check it out: http://comigirl.com/magazine/tribbles/unicorn-poop/
tn. ComiGirl3 years ago
oh, come, now - anybody who's lost a welly in a pasture knows it ain't poop unless it's formed a big, flat, sticky mess!
kristylynn84 (author)  ComiGirl3 years ago
love it!!! :D now, can't you see how much prettier they are in person, versus in the photos? crazy, huh? I love your hearts, too :D :D thanks for posting thisss!!!
Pictures do not do these cookies justice! Thank you for sharing the recipe, they were so much fun to make!
ravenking3 years ago
Gotta try these. Fantastic! :)
GainEnergy3 years ago
FUN Colorful!!! I wish I had seen when my kids were a lot younger! I have already bookmarked this one whenever a chance comes up for me to bake this! Thanks for sharing!
PeebeeMD3 years ago
You may want to use rubber gloves for this part if you want to spread the color evenly through the dough without staining your hands and fingernails. Oops... Also, I couldn't find the neon food coloring, so I just did the combos on the back of the package, and was able to make orange and purple without any trouble. Saves buying one pack of food coloring that you might not use that much.
PeebeeMD3 years ago
I divided the colored dough in half and returned half to the refrigerator. I pinched out at least 12 little balls of each color, with a few extra in some colors, which I also returned to the fridge. Then I made each cookie all at once, by rolling out each ball into a snake, and then putting the six snakes together. Then I had 12 similarly sized cookies, and didn't have some colors disintegrating or drying out. I also didn't need to use extra flour that way -- just rolled them out on my silicon cookie sheet liner.
PeebeeMD3 years ago
I recommend putting your timer on the earliest setting for the cookies, taking them out and putting on the dragees, then returning to the oven for a couple more minutes. They bake into the cookies a little better that way. On my first batch, when I waited until the end, putting them in dented the cookies more.
PeebeeMD3 years ago
With an adequate coat of this, you might not even need the disco dust (which is pretty expensive and harder to use.) I also used the brush to pick up and push in the stray dragees which had rolled off, using this stuff to cement them in.
PeebeeMD3 years ago
I went crazy by not picking out the stars, and just scattering a bunch. They might not look as pretty, but it saved some time.
PeebeeMD3 years ago
I used a separate brush, dipped it into the disco dust, and jiggled the brush to sprinkle it. It worked pretty well, and at least I didn't have it all over my fingers (wish I could say the same for the food coloring!)
Luneowl3 years ago
Either get a really high quality brush or use a foam brush because the gel was sticky enough to pull the bristles out of the cheap brush that I used.
Luneowl3 years ago
I made a batch of these a few days ago and when I got to this step I poured the glitter into a little lemon extract (I was out of lemon juice) and used the sparkle gel brush to apply it. Had to let them dry overnight but it worked really well!
lmnopeas3 years ago
Awesome! I showed my 4 yr. old and he freaked out. Can't wait to try these! Thanks for sharing.
firefly683 years ago
I just want to add my two cents about how creative, funny, and clever this 'ible is! I have to find some little kids to make these for. I voted for you, hope others will too, one of the best I've ever seen. Good luck!
RhiannonN3 years ago
I have always told people that life isn't all about unicorns sh*tting rainbows and butterflies! When my husband saw this he said I must check it out immediately. Now, I have an instructables account and I'm gonna cook up some awesomeness in the form of Unicorn Poop! I guess this life can be about unicorns pooping rainbows and butterlies...now my life is complete... :o)
RhiannonN--butterfly sprinkles!! http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_c_1_13?url=search-alias%3Dgrocery&field-keywords=butterfly+sprinkles&sprefix=butterfly+spr%2Caps%2C367
kristylynn84 (author)  RhiannonN3 years ago
hahahah it's always true!! :D :P
kristylynn84 (author) 3 years ago
well, my poopies didn't make it into the finalists for the contest, but at least they made lots of smiles :D <3
sneakyfox3 years ago
hehehehe, "poop snakes"
fineexampl3 years ago
Just attempted to make this Instructable and i was excited to see it was an older cookie recipe. The problem is that this particular dough doesn't really do well for easy rolling of the dough. I let the dough sit overnight and maybe that was the problem, but they were not very friendly when rolled. I eventually just gave up. I think i might try again with a cookie gun, but i couldn't do anything with the recipe here.

Still, i love the concept so bravo on that and your own execution of it.
kristylynn84 (author)  fineexampl3 years ago
awww :( i did the same thing. instead of an hour, i went home, came back to my mom's house the next day and then formed them. and true - they are so fragile. i wonder if there is another type of cookie that holds it's shape, that's stronger than a sugar cookie. :)
Try this one:
16 Tbl butter (room temp)
2 C sugar
2 eggs
2 tsp baking powder
2 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
2 tsp vanilla
5 cups all purpose flour
8 oz sour cream

Mix dry and wet ingredients separate first, then alternate and mix together. This is a really sticky dough, but if you refrigerate it overnight it's pretty good to work with. Just keep it cold.
casugi galatae3 years ago
Is that the correct amount of butter? 16 tablespoons?! I'm trying to think what kind of typo this might be, and can't come up with anything that makes sense. 1/2 cup? 6 Tablespoons?

Sounds like a good recipe otherwise. Love the idea of sour cream in the mix.
galatae casugi3 years ago
Sorry about that. I save my recipes into a program called Accuchef and I must have recalculated the output at some point and saved it as Tbl. It really is just 2 sticks or 1 cup. (It's also incredibly yummy and incredibly bad for you)

I'd also add to cook on parchment paper, leave them on the tray for about 30 seconds after taking them out of the oven, and then just transferring the whole paper to a cooling rack.
16 Tablespoons of butter would be 2 sticks of butter. Problem solved. A lot of recipes call for a cup of butter or shortening :).
Duh! I guess the phrasing just threw me! I've never heard it put that way. LOL! Thanks for straightening me out. I'm gonna have to try these. Love the look! Very cool idea.
You know, that's a great idea...there have been times I wanted a stickier dough. Hats off to all the food chemists, hurrah!!!!
I just tried doing an internet search but came up with nothing so I'll give you the foggy details...
Cooks Illustrated magazine is just like any other monthly recipe magazine but goes into depth about how exactly to do something and why you would want to and what will happen if you do or don't.
I know I've read about sugar cookies in there a few years ago...which ingredients make the cookie different, that kind of thing. More flour = dry cookie, retains shape; more butter = greasy cookie that spreads on the cookie sheet; more egg = chewier; etc.
If I knew where my copy was I'd just quote it here for you. Sorry.
dorikuhn3 years ago
Or if you're lazy (like me) you can skip the sparkly stuff and just add some cocoa powder to the dough & have Dog Sh*t. Great treat for the humans at dog birthday parties. And yes, I have birthday parties for my dogs.
Don't worry, we have birthday parties for our dogs too. The best one is always for the dalmation with oreo ice cream and a black and white theme. Much easier than the other two, so the dog poop is a great idea for the dessert for the two other parties!
sunny91993 years ago
Ok.. so.. in order to get the different colors..in the dough? So you have to seperate the dough into sections or something? The video I see only shows the pretty finished product LOL... so how do you form the rainbow poop like cookie? Thanks.
dorek3 years ago
So I made these tonight, but I skipped the refrigeration step. I definitely did not want the dough any harder than it already was. Here are my ideas for next time:

1. DO NOT work with one color at a time, laying out all the ropes of red and then green and then yellow, etc. DO make one entire cookie at a time. If you work with just one color at a time, by the time you get to the last color, all of your cookies will fall apart because the first color's dough is dried out. Do entire cookies one by one so you are shaping them while all of the doughs are still moist.

2. DO keep a bowl with water nearby to dip your fingers into so you can work some moisture into the dough as you work it. Periodically add a couple fingertips of water to your mounds of dough before you break off a chunk to roll.

3. I had zero success using a floured surface. I wanted the dough to stick to the surface I was rolling it on, at least a little bit.

4. Roll those lines thin, like a quarter of an inch thin, and try to get them about 12 inches long. There are no size recommendations or notations in the recipe, but that's what worked best for me. Gave me cookies about 3" diameter and about 1" tall, give or take.

5. If you get 5 or 6 color strips laid out together and you're about to roll them to combine them and they fall apart, DO NOT panic. Crush all of it together, add a dab of that water, quickly roll it into a ball and then roll the ball out in one solid line. Congratulations, your unicorn had some digestive issues. Some of these turned out looking better and more natural than the well-separated colored ones.

6. Skip the dragees. Unless you have help, and if you're making a good-sized batch, you won't have time to stick those buggers in before the cookies cool too much. Not only that, but the force it takes to stick them in can deform your sensitive cookies. The cookies look good enough with the glitter gel and stars.

7. On the last sheet I did, I only used the glitter gel and glitter, and those looked pretty good and didn't take nearly as much effort as putting the stars on. Try it for yourself, but I think next time I might mix the stars into the dough.

8. I added strawberry flavoring to the red color, about 1/4-1/2 tsp, and worked it in with my hands.

9. Regarding the food coloring, I worked it in with my hands, and 5 colors was enough to tire me out.

10. DO get a faithful servant to help you out with this. Preferably one that won't kill you when they find out how much effort this recipe takes.

11. DO try to find a better way to lay out those lines of each color, because rolling them takes forever, is difficult, and is uneven.

It took me about 3 hours, and 90% of that was in the food coloring and shaping stage. This recipe is keen for optimisation.
this was a really fun idea! thanks for the inspiration.
action pig3 years ago
Picture #4 is my favorite! Very cool!
fishlux3 years ago
My wife made them yesterday. Very good. Good directions too.
intelligen3 years ago
Looks more like it came out of a cow-like creature's digestive system than a horse-like creature's digestive system. Funny idea...now you just have to make it look more like horse poop. ;)
kristylynn84 (author)  intelligen3 years ago
DUde...haven't you seen The Last Unicorn? She's human, too! Not just a horse. And I'm sure these shapes are possible if she weren't pooping into a bowl of water. lol gross.
Nope, never saw The Last Unicorn, but if you use Google or Bing image search, I'm sure you'll see what I mean.
MajorTommy3 years ago
You ROCK, Kristy Lynn!!!   :D
kristylynn84 (author)  MajorTommy3 years ago
Wow~ ! Thank you :D :D :D
WarMace3 years ago
So after eating these, my poop will be glittery? Awesome.
kristylynn84 (author)  WarMace3 years ago
i haven't noticed any glitter. :( hahah
Lorddrake3 years ago
featured on geekchicdaily ..... GRATS!!

kristylynn84 (author)  Lorddrake3 years ago
thank you! :D i saw that even ThinkGeek tweeted it! cool stuff! :D
But, what are "Unicorn Sneezes"?
Yes! What is a Unicorn Sneeze?
kristylynn84 (author)  eraticus3 years ago
maybe i should do a follow-up with my unicorn sneezes lol?
adamvan20003 years ago
Nyan cat scat! XOD
i have to admit this exactly what i imagined unicorn poop would look like. this is awesome! if i could bake, i would make some. hmmm, i wonder if i can convince my mom to make some?
SpyKitten3 years ago
Thank you so much for such a delightful idea. I can not wait to take this to my next dinner party. :-) Unicorn poop for all!
True; but don't forget the jelly beans from the Easter Bunny.
Remember that movie?
Sovereignty3 years ago
Maybe a unicorn shake, from the unicorns with IBS?
hahaha sick and twisted but hilarious comment!
pastry_king3 years ago
just to let you know i found somewhere that has Disco Rainbow Dust for much cheaper than $8! just got it in the mail yesterday - can't wait to make these cookies today!

Many thanks for this first class and wondrous comestible
sdobbie3 years ago
How about horse poop instead?
snailruby3 years ago
These are awesome! The kids wanted to make them right away. They didn't turn out as well--but we put too many on the pan--so it was as if the Unicorn had had too many chalupas or something... Still tons of fun to make! It looks like you had more success with height--more of a pile shape. How did you do that?
kristylynn84 (author)  snailruby3 years ago
your comment cracked me up so much! LOL. :D and in terms of the poops, i don't know if it's because i made them into tall spirals to begin with, and they only flattened out a little...or if it stunted them when i opened the oven to check? haha. no idea. sensitive sh*ts, they are.
LOL. I'll have to give it another try.. These are so fun. The perfect solution for boredom on a dreary day. Thank you for posting them. <3
Oh great job. These are cool not to mention cute. Maybe in another version you can simulate undigested grain of some kind like corn in the poop. :D Maybe use mini white chocolate chips or how about mini M&M's?

Over all the recipe reminds me of something I tried making two years ago. It was called snail cookies. I was not really happy with the dough either. I found the dough rather fragile and cumbersome. But I still managed to make snail shaped cookies. So over all with your dough problem, you just going to have to experiment till you get the correct consistency by adding or taking away of the amount of butter. I also tried letting cookie dough rest in the fridge but even sometimes that doesn't work.

Maybe you could try a refrigerated cookie recipe or something?
I wonder if the sugar cookie recipe in the Wilton cake decorating books would work? I've made a zillion cookies out of that recipe and have always had success....I'll look it up and post it tomorrow....
This is such a fun idea....I don't have "kids" at home but I sure send fun boxes to a bunch of little girls that I know would love some unicorn poop....
I bet you could do these in Christmas colors and call it reindeer poop!!
Thanks for sharing your great idea!!!
Peace and Blessings!
You're waiting all the way until step 7 to say NOW it's time to be a crazy person???!!!! I should think that was a prerequisite. :)
It works for me!
kristylynn84 (author)  brookebethany3 years ago
hahahah i didn't even think of that! :P
snailruby3 years ago
I guess I did cheat a bit with a sugar cookie mix.. The real thing may have had a better result..
Celine11073 years ago
hahahahhaha that's so funny!
Awesome! Looks like the Unicorn Poop from DeathSpank! http://unicornpoop.com/
darkwolf743 years ago
I want mine with nuts... Mmmmmm... Nothing like finding peanuts in your poop.. cookie.
sick but too funny. it would be very crunchy poop.
lkuziez96803 years ago
this is fantastic i dont know what else to say.....it's hilarious
spoo763 years ago
haha this is clever and awesome! definitely gave me a needed laugh today.
seeing as how sometimes poop has corn in it some candy corn may be a fun twist haha
brainsfried3 years ago
hillariouslly funny!!!! (:
caarntedd3 years ago
This should be posted in humour! Great I'ble. Very funny. Rare as...... well..... unicorn poop!
zombiecow3 years ago
All I saw was unicorn poop and I was sold xD I have to make these! Freakin awesome thanx for sharing!
kristylynn84 (author)  zombiecow3 years ago
post pics!! <3
monsterlego3 years ago
That's too funny.