Step 3: Roll your snakes.

Just like the clay and play doh, you need to roll snakes.  But sugar cookies are MUCH more sensitive.  Be very careful, this will take patience and dedication. 

I started with red, made lots of lines, then added the next color and just kept pressing them together from there on.  Until I was out of colors. 

Make sure to use a flour'd surface and use that to help you roll, too.  Once the cookies sit on the cookie sheet, (next step), the flour absorbs into the cookies and they don't have a white powder all over them.
PeebeeMD3 years ago
I divided the colored dough in half and returned half to the refrigerator. I pinched out at least 12 little balls of each color, with a few extra in some colors, which I also returned to the fridge. Then I made each cookie all at once, by rolling out each ball into a snake, and then putting the six snakes together. Then I had 12 similarly sized cookies, and didn't have some colors disintegrating or drying out. I also didn't need to use extra flour that way -- just rolled them out on my silicon cookie sheet liner.