Step 4: Getting Dirty Now...

Now that you have your thick poop rainbow, it needs to be shaped as such.  This part happens swiftly and you don't have much room for error because the dough is so fragile.

Take your poop snake and gently flop it onto the ungreased cookie sheet.  Once you have it there, just start winding.  Decide how your unicorn rolls and let the poops form themselves.  Be gentle though, they will break and mess up your spirals.  If you need to make any repairs, just use your fingertip and lightly sweep it back into the portion where it broke off.  That re-connects the exterior so you don't get poopy cracks.  

Pinch your tips and then you're done!  Just bake them and wait.  (As per the recipe, you may want to add a minute or 2 because these are thicker.)
Spokehedz3 years ago
I'm thinking that a spritz bottle of water to keep the dough hydrated slightly through the rolling/shaping process would help with the cracking issues.
sneakyfox3 years ago
hehehehe, "poop snakes"