Step 6: Glitter Gel!

Picture of Glitter Gel!
Now that they've had time to cool off, it's time to add the sheen!

This thin coat of Wilton's Glitter Gel  will be sure to keep your poops looking fresh.

Just squeeze it out all over the cookie in spirals and then start brushing it out in a smooth coat all over the cookie.  You need to hold it in your fingers so that you can turn and brush as needed.  

Make sure to manipulate the gel into the holes and cracks so that it has a better finish.  This stuff is great!  It doesn't dry HARD, but it stiffens up pretty well after it's had time to dry, and it's in a thin layer.  Just don't stack them.  :)
Kk132 years ago
These r so cute I love them
PeebeeMD3 years ago
With an adequate coat of this, you might not even need the disco dust (which is pretty expensive and harder to use.) I also used the brush to pick up and push in the stray dragees which had rolled off, using this stuff to cement them in.
Luneowl3 years ago
Either get a really high quality brush or use a foam brush because the gel was sticky enough to pull the bristles out of the cheap brush that I used.