Step 8: Disco Dust!

Picture of Disco Dust!
Okay, this sh*t is expensive and difficult to dispense.  You're supposed to put a sheet of parchment paper over the top of the container, punch holes out with a pin or something, rubber band it in place and use it as a shaker.  But I didn't have those materials.  So what I did:

I took a TINY pinch in my fingers and lightly and tightly sprinkled it over the tops of the cookies.  That worked really well, for being in a "pinch".  
anomar7 months ago

Well, I checked out Diva Dust and see nothing about it being edible......it's surely non toxic, but it's cornstarch, talc, mica for softness, Vitamin C, Aloe Vera Leaf Extract, infused with pheromones................sort of shiny moisturizing make up. Don't want to eat that, either, especially the talc. Those Rainbow Dust Edible Glitters [not the ones OK for "food contact"] are really nice.

shoelessjess.11 months ago

Ok, so the "adult stores" carry something called Diva Dust (you can also get it on ebay) that IS edible and IS glittery. It's also much cheaper (anywhere between $8 and $11 for 0.5 oz.) Rainbow Dust also has a line of edible glitters.
I'd recommend that if you're afraid of using the Disco Dust. A little less shimmer, but also a little less plastic.

adunster2 years ago
The lady at the store I bought mine at suggested to put some in the lid, use a brush and sort of "flick" the brush over what I wanted to disco dust. (hold it in one hand and tap with the other)
anomar3 years ago
Please be aware that Disco Dust is merely fine grain PLASTIC CRAFT GLITTER and it is NOT for consumption. It's non-toxic, but NOT edible. It should be used only on items that will be removed and NOT eaten.
PeebeeMD3 years ago
I used a separate brush, dipped it into the disco dust, and jiggled the brush to sprinkle it. It worked pretty well, and at least I didn't have it all over my fingers (wish I could say the same for the food coloring!)
Luneowl3 years ago
I made a batch of these a few days ago and when I got to this step I poured the glitter into a little lemon extract (I was out of lemon juice) and used the sparkle gel brush to apply it. Had to let them dry overnight but it worked really well!
WarMace3 years ago
So after eating these, my poop will be glittery? Awesome.