Picture of Unicycle handlebars and brake
Hi one and all - here is a cool little mod that worked out dirt cheap for putting a handlebar and brakes onto your uni.
For those who do not ride, it really helps when going down hills to be able to apply a brake instead of relying on pure leg power to slow ya down.

No real tools needed except the basics - spanner/adjustable, allen keys.

Most of the items here were free or very cheap from our good ole pals at Ebay.

Should mention the bike in the picture is not mine,but set up almost exactly the same.

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Step 1: One

Picture of One
Sooo - here we see the unit before install.

The handlebars themselves are from Ebay and came from a stunt scooter, the blue clamp came with it as well (cost a tenner and the clamp should have been another tenner too but by pure chance the guy selling must have not wanted it cos it was sold all in one).

The brake lever was free - we have in our family a guy who works for a cycle outlet, he builds the bikes, when folks have upgrades (brakes) the old, perfectly functional ones are taken off and thrown away - I had a chat - he let me have a couple for free, am guessing you could pop into your local and do the same, even if ya had to pay it should only be pennies