Step 2: Abrasions MOUNT the timpani

Picture of abrasions MOUNT the timpani
Set your unicycle upside down so that it spins freely.

I used electrical tape for the entire mounting process. Just tape it all to the spokes!

Mount the battery pack first. Try to get it really close to the hub of the unicycle wheel, this will keep your momentum and center of gravity more controlled while riding!

Next tape the switch in between a couple of spokes. I chose to place it in a position that I know I wont hit with my heel while riding (this is at the 80 degree position behind my left foot and on the opposite side, but you can ignore that).

Next, mount the inverter box somewhere else. If there is a long length of wire after the inverter, I'd put it at the center. Else, I'd put it closer to the rim... doesn't really matter, you can make any shape you want. And the inverter is light.

To attach the EL wire, just loop it through the spokes (inside them) and tape it in a few places to keep form :)