How to build a unicycle rack for a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Don't let riding your motorcycle stop you from riding your unicycle! Supports both a 20" trials unicycle, and also a standard 24" mountain unicycle.

Step 1: Cut Up an Old Bicycle

First off, you need some steel. I used an old bicycle and cut it up with a sawzall. After cutting the steel into manageable lengths, it is a good idea to remove the paint.
Interesting example of a purpose-built rack. You are very good at welding, as bike tubing is very thin. I would be careful of a wheelie, though. If you go over backwards with this arraignment, you will break your spine. <br>Good Luck, and keep thinking!!
Very fun! My favorite term in the world is now: "standard 24" mountain unicycle." I simply had no idea mountain unicycles had been efficiently standardized! Actually, I had no idea there WERE mountain unicycles! Learning about unicycles was as fun as the instructible! But now I'm off to hit the slopes with my standard 11.5" mountain roller skates. (joking, but now wouldn't be surprised if actually ARE such things as mountain roller skates) Cheers! -Jim
wouldnt 11.5" roller skates have crazy huge wheels??
that would be a size 11.5 shoe if I'm not mistaken.
now i feal stupid :(
Actually, the standard is 8 inch.<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.gateskate.com/trailskate.asp?JS=1">http://www.gateskate.com/trailskate.asp?JS=1</a><br/>
LOL! Yeah, mountain unicycling, or muni, is quite popular now. Check out unicycle.com for popular flavors.
Amazing! Had I a motorcycle I'd Muni <em>all the time</em> just to show this thing off.<br/>
For a moment there I though you were going to make a unicycle our of a motorcycle. Ah well - I can dream, can't I? :-D
At first I thougt it was going to be a rack you put on your unicycle for a motorcycle.... XD
w00t! Thanks Corbin! now i can solve the problem of transporting my unicycle once i get my motorbike!
just wondering, where do you need/use a unicycle, and why take it there on a motorcycle.
Howdy, Where do I use a unicycle? I ride a unicycle anywhere. The KH 24 mountain unicycle is perfect for bombing down any of the steepest and toughest single track around. The KH 20 is perfect for unicycle trials. Unicycling has become much more mainstream, especially in the last few years. Why take it on a motorcycle? Really the question is why do we do anything. But, I have a specific purpose. I ride a motorcycle to cut down on my commute time to work (apple) and I bring my unicycle because I enjoy riding it around lunch in Cupertino (natural trials riding -- ie: hopping on things).
heh, the i-Rack.
Cool! Great Instructable! Thanks Joe
Cool! odd combo, but whatever floats your boat

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