Unicycling- Introduction and the Basics





Introduction: Unicycling- Introduction and the Basics

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Unicycling is fun and for everyone. While only a few people can ride it, it can intrigue many. As the word suggests Uni, one, Cycle, wheeled transport, a one wheeled means of transport. While people may think of clowns in a circus that is not the case. People don"t know if it is fun, weird, or cool. I think that some people may change their book cover judgments, after they "read" into the sport. To aid your discovery of unicycling, riding styles will be discussed along with some basics required to learn.

Step 1: Types of Riding

There are many different styles including Freestyle, Trials, Street, and Mountain. Freestyle, or flatland are essentially tricks. There are many such as Uni-spins, one footing, wheel walking, and riding backwards. The next kind is Trials which is jumping onto, and off things of great height. The next style is Street which combines elements of Freestyle, Trials, and then some. There are grinds, hops, and spins in this style. The final kind of Unicycling is Mountain, which is similar to trials, but with a different objective, getting down the mountain in one piece! Besides the riding styles there are many sports you can play on a unicycle. The main sports are basketball, jousting, hockey, and polo. These sports can be very interesting especially with skilled riders.

Step 2: Getting a Unicycle

To learn how to ride first one must acquire a unicycle. You can buy them online at http://www.unicycle.com. I would suggest this unicycle to a first timing unicyclist Sun 20". If you are willing to invest a bit more, The Nimbus ISIS is a very good unicycle, and will not break on you! It is better because It has an ISIS spline drive. This means the cranks are less likely to become loose or break the hub. I strongly recommend it if you A. Plan on jumping down stuff or B. weigh over 150 pounds. If you want a higher quality unicycle, but you cannot spend two hundred, go with a torker. Not ISIS, but the 48 spokes makes it strong as well. You can also get a unicycle through a local bike shop. I recommend checking the size and if it is right for you. When the pedals are vertical your leg should be slightly bent. Ask the Salesman to adjust the seat to your level, or if you buy it have them cut the seat post, this should be free. I also STRONGLY recommend a helmet when learning and riding. The best kind is the skate type, which although not as much venting as a bike helmet, its safer. While your there, check out the leg protection. This will save your legs from painful "pedal bites" (when a pedal slams into your shin or calf). you have some choices, but 661 or Kris Holms are the best. in my opinion. 661Kris holm

Step 3: Ride

First get the unicycle pedals in an 11 O"clock and 5 O"clock position. Place the unicycle between your legs. Put your hand on a fence, or rail for support. Place your foot on the 5 O"clock pedal, and slowly step up onto the unicycle. Congratulations! You"ve just mounted the unicycle! Now with your hand still on the wall pedal forward. Do this until you feel comfortable with riding along the wall. Try taking your hands off the wall, and putting them back. Now Just practice, practice, practice and you will learn how to ride.

Step 4: Enter the Extreme

For learning to the extreme first I recommend learning how to hop. Get the pedals horizontal and pretend the unicycle is a pogo stick with the front of the seat as your handle. After you get this, you can test different skills. An excellent website is http://www.unicyclist.com/ which has advice on products, skills, and unicycling in general. As a final note, I would like to welcome you into the exciting world of unicycling, and hope that after reading this instructible I have inspired you to go out and try a unicycle


decide what you want to do. Unicyclist is a great resource for tips, tricks, news, and advice. My name is Vanpaun on there and I will be glad to help you. This can also be a great mode of transport. A 36 inch unicycle can reach speeds in excess of 20mph, allowing a fun, cool way to your next destination,

Keep it wheel,

Step 6: Definitions

UPD= Unplanned dismount
SI= seat in
SIF= seat in front
Any other words, just ask!



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    Are you still unicycling? I learned at 55 then quit a year ago withfeet problems. Problem got solved so have ordered at 20" (Had 24" QUAX muni) and will give it a go againn as I miss it. Really great feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment to ride.

    Unicycling is both cool and fun! have you ever riden and giraffe unicycle (really tall ones)? I use to take classes in which they had many types of unicycles! Great to know others love to ride too!

    I started learning to unicycle in my room, after more than 3 months not learning I got the courage to go outside and try it. then I notice that I am more stable in riding backwards. Now, after 17 days trying out doors I could pedal 10 complete revolution backwards then dismount but can hardly manage 2 pedals forward, sometimes i could get up to 5 uncontrolled pedals then fall. what could be my problem? any help is much appreciated. Friends are already asking, why backwards.

    When you're first starting out, it can be helpful to wear weighed wrist bands. These will make your hand movements have more effect. Once you get a little good at riding, and you can leave the wall, you might also try a balance bar, like tight rope walkers uses. Anything that will increase your inirtia will increase your balance.

    I agree, "you shouldn't wear flip flops", but you forgot one word, "ever"
    lol but true

    lol the first time i saw someone doing that on a book i laughed cuz i was a beginner and didn't know what it was suppost to do.

    I Just discovered the Aquabats! They rock! I own a unicycle, its just a matter of getting up the guts to ride it!

    thanks a lot for this very detailed instructable, it sure helped me a lot!

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    Glad to help! Join the unicyclist forums, ask for Vanpaun. Thats me! Welcome to the 1 wheeled world

    Nice instructable. I would add these comments for beginners from my own experience. 1. As you are learning to mount, try putting the wheel against a chock (like, the curb) so that you can put weight on the pedal when it is in the bottom-back position. This lets you stand on the pedal without the unicycle moving out from under you. 2. The position of your center of gravity relative to the axle is key to riding a unicycle. Think of balancing a broom on your palm. When you want the broom to move forward, you allow it to begin to fall forward and then walk to "catch up" to it. Riding a unicycle is the same: get your weight in front of the wheel, then pedal to catch up to yourself. If you try to pedal when you are sitting up straight, you'll just pedal out from under yourself.

    bear trap pedals (sorry bad speller)

    i love unicycling i have a torker dx unicycle with beat trap pedles witch gave me a nice 4 inch scar down mi leg wen first learning lol but yer unicycling rules!!!

    unicycling is a great sport. i love it, have a 24" torker dx and its great. they are much more manouverable than you would expect, i can ride up and down stairs, do several foot jumps and basically anything a bike can do and more! im suprised its not as popular as it should be. really it is great

    2 replies

    how do you vote on this site? and what is unicyclisy?

    www.unicyclist.com is a webforum. they have videos, trading, tutorials, product reviews, pretty much all you need. you rate in the spot where it says info, stats and they like it

    does any one up grade the uni or is ti just like me? eg a triple wall rim or double wall some pretty fluro spokes or any color but there titanium and some adjustable bear trap pedles any one? and like a kevlar bmx worm tyer (for street) or a bmx dirt tyer

    3 replies

    Alot of people do. You like Koxx?

    ya, alot of people like them just for custom's sake