Introduction: Unidirectional Valve From Phiales Alimentary Integrator

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I had some empty phiales of an alimentary integrator and i decided to obtain unidirectional valves.

1) 1 Empty integrator Phiales(plastic).
2) 1 EuroCent (the important is that the diameter fits exactly the bottleneck).
3) Insulating tape.

-saw(or cutter)

Step 1: Hole in the Cap

Picture of Hole in the Cap

make a hole in the cap

Step 2: Coin on the Bottleneck

Picture of Coin on the Bottleneck

Cut a piece of tape(narrower than tape)

Attach the piece of tape to the coin.
(for better sealing you can also cover the other face with tape as a gasket)

Attach the other part of the tape to the bottleneck.

Step 3: Cut the Bottom of the Bottle

Picture of Cut the Bottom of the Bottle

Cut the bottom of the bottle with saw or cutter.

If you want the valve to be more compact you can cut also much closer to the cap reducing the length.

Step 4: Conclusion

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Of course you can use also different kind of bottles, but the space between the cap and bottleneck is critical because the coin must have the room to open freely. For example usual soft drinks bottles-caps do not have this empty room.

This valve is usefull as an extremely cheep(and poor) component for many different projects like pumps(air and other fluids), breathing masks( it has also a nice Darth-Vader-like noise).


temp (author)2009-02-12

try putting some sort of seal on the euro, like some tape or a small bit of caulking.

landimatteo (author)temp2009-02-12

Yes temp, I had already tried and seams to work(i mean i'm not sure that the valve works better in that case) however it's suggested as an option in the step 2.

temp (author)landimatteo2009-02-16

Oh, I didn't really read it, i just sortof looked at the pictures=)

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