Picture of Unidirectional Valve from Phiales Alimentary Integrator
I had some empty phiales of an alimentary integrator and i decided to obtain unidirectional valves.

1) 1 Empty integrator Phiales(plastic).
2) 1 EuroCent (the important is that the diameter fits exactly the bottleneck).
3) Insulating tape.

-saw(or cutter)

Step 1: Hole in the cap

Picture of Hole in the cap
make a hole in the cap
temp6 years ago
try putting some sort of seal on the euro, like some tape or a small bit of caulking.
landimatteo (author)  temp6 years ago
Yes temp, I had already tried and seams to work(i mean i'm not sure that the valve works better in that case) however it's suggested as an option in the step 2.
Oh, I didn't really read it, i just sortof looked at the pictures=)