Introduction: Union Jack Flag Uk Loom Band

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How to make the Union Jack Loom Band- intermediate.

Step 1: Materials

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You will need :
Some loom bands (any colours)
Hook tool

Step 2: Borders

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Make sure that you start with the lips of the hooks facing away and you begin at the top.
Put out your two side colours and the middle.
Continue each one to the bottom.
lt should look like picture #4.

Step 3: Details - Part 1

Picture of Details - Part 1

Halfway along the middle add a line for the centre mark.

Step 4: Details - Part 2

Picture of Details - Part 2

Add the triangles in the corners for each quarter.

Step 5: Cap Band

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Cap bands help keep the bracelet together so put one on the end near you.
Put a band on your finger.
Twist it round once so it has two loops.
Put it on the near end.

Step 6: Looming - Part 1

Picture of Looming - Part 1

Begin to loom the first 3 bands.
To do this put the tool in the centre of the hook, pick the top band (under the cap band) and put it on the peg it came from.
Repeat this for the other two bands

Step 7: Looming - Part 2

Picture of Looming - Part 2

Continue to loom each of the lines down to the bottom.

Step 8: Looming - Part 3

Picture of Looming - Part 3

Loop each of the ends to finish looming.

Step 9: Taking Off

Picture of Taking Off

Put the tool through the last end and pull a band through.
Gently pull off your wristband.

Step 10: Finishing - Part 1

Picture of Finishing - Part 1

Put the bands out to make a single chain that is long enough to fit your wrist with the main wristband. Make sure it is the right way around.

Step 11: Finishing - Part 2

Picture of Finishing - Part 2

Put the main band on the looming end of the bands.

Step 12: Finishing - Part 3

Picture of Finishing - Part 3

Loom the bands then pull off.

Step 13: Finishing - Part 4

Picture of Finishing - Part 4

Add a clip on to each end and your finished.

Step 14: Finishing


wilgubeast (author)2014-08-14

Sweet. The cross came out surprisingly well.

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