"Union Jack" Palette Table





Introduction: "Union Jack" Palette Table

I present you my first custom order palette build finished just a few days ago. A girl wanted to surprise her boyfriend for his thirtieth birthday so she asked me to do this cool Union Jack alike table she saw somewhere on the web but out of palettes and with glass on top. Here's what I manage to do in approx. 30 working hours...

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Although this project consumed significant amount of working hours (for sanding as always with palettes) it's really very simple and strait forward to do. Here's what you'll need...

- electrical sander(s)
- drill
- paint brush
- sand paper

- 2 x wooden standard size palettes (in EU its 120 x 80 x 14.5 cm)
- about 1.5l of paint (1l black + 0.25l red + 0.25 white)
- 4 bolts with nuts
- 4 standard furniture wheels (I recycled mine from an old office chair)
- some masking tape

Step 2: Paint and Assembly

So the first thing you should do is drill 4 holes in place where you would like to connect two palettes. You'll have to do this on the 2 bottom boards of the top palette and on the 2 top boards of the bottom palette. So, measure some fixed distance from the edge of the top palette (18 cm worked for me), drill the holes there then align the two palettes to best-fit each other, mark the places on the bottom palette (just nudge the pen trough the drilled top palette holes), take it apart, drill holes on the bottom palette. this way you will have nice fit of the palettes with holes drilled on right places (this is all because palettes often miss the dimensions, sometime more than 5 mm).

After you paint both palettes in black it is time for masking tape and Union Jack flag layout. I didn't use exact flag layout because it was easier to do like this and it's was not so important. Have patience and press the masking tape really god or paint will go under it - this happened to me but was not so important also.

Paint the white parts 2 times, then put another mask for red and paint 2 times and you are ready for assembly.

Of course, you need to screw in the wheels first - just drill 4 holes on the bottom palette and screw or glue the wheels in (depending on the wheels type you have). 

Step 3: The Final Result

And that's it - you are ready to pimp up your living room with this awesome contemporary recycled table...Align the palettes, fasten them together (do not forget to paint bolts and nuts to black or red) and voila!

Of course, the good thing would be to add some table glass on top but if you don't mind this holes you can go al naturel :) You can modify the build by adding some lights under the top palette or by creating some storage boxes - it's up to you.

Enjoy and geek on!



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    Thanks for a great idea. This project was a good one. My personalized Blue marlin design.

    14, 4:42 PM.jpg

    This is my pallet table. Not finished yet but an alternate design idea.

    14, 4:28 PM.jpg

    Nice...I would love to see it finished...be sure to post it ;)

    Thank you for your great idea !
    I'm moving to my new apartment so instead of buy one desk, and 2 tables, I rather made them with your instructable.
    Here is jamaica's flag and union jack and switzerland are coming ;)
    I also bought 3 glasses to put on the top but it's too bad that it's so expensive (approx 280 euros :/ )


    OMG the Jamaica's one is amazing - can I share this one on FB page? Now when I see it I will do one for myself...

    sure, no problem ! But if you can wait for tomorrow, i'll send you a photo with the full project, not like this one in my garage ;)

    gr8! I'll wait for better pic...tnx a lot! p.s. you can add your "credits stamp" on the pic itself or you can post the pic on the FB page (https://www.facebook.com/G33Kdesigners) directly so I can share...

    Aha! Ok, puno hvala. :)

    Genijalno! Svaka cast. Jedino me zanima ovaj dio "take it apart"... kaj se tocno skida sa palete?

    Tnx...ma to je u fazi kada bušiš rupe za šarafe - da zategneš palete skupa - jer teško je pogoditi točno mjesto. Znači prvo izbušiš sa donje strane gornje palete, onda ih privremeno obje spojiš skupa i poravanaš kako najbolje paše. Kroz rupe olovkom označiš lokacije na donjoj paleti, pa ih onda rastaviš i izbušiš donju...