Step 3: Preping the Cat Littler Bottle.

There's nothing to really do other then just remove the plastic foil around it and spray painting it. (optional)
This honestly needs to be one of the first things that up and coming players need to do. I made a caddy similar to this because I got fed up with loading balls with my hand or the bag, because too many spilled. <br>Having a caddy like this is a huge convenience and money saver
i know how you feel, paint is expensive and at the field i play at if you pick up paint you get your picture taken and than you cant play for a week.
that's stupid harsh. unless youre using rentals, then i can see why they might do that.
even without rentals you cant, they think your paint is going to be really old and break a mask or something
that's ridiculous. old paint just swells and melts. it wont break anything. gayness
really? i never knew that before...
idk my field is really strict.

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