A simple 5 minute paintball caddy for all those players who are short on cash and wish to own a paint caddy. With this ible players can easily make this effective paint caddy for about nothing, reason being these are all recyclable materials found in almost ANY blue bin / box.

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Step 1: Supplies

what you will need:
1. Empty tide cold water bottle
2. Kitty litter bottle / container

tools you will need:
1. Exacto knife
2. Needle noes pliers (or pliers that you prefer)
3. Dremel (optional to replace knife)

Step 2: Removing and preping the neck

cut the bottle to extract the neck after the cuts have been made you should have something that looks like image 4.

Step 3: Preping the cat littler bottle.

There's nothing to really do other then just remove the plastic foil around it and spray painting it. (optional)

Step 5: Thats about it.

Just add the tide cap to prevent any debree from getting it also prevents balls from coming out if the caddy falls over.

after you have assembled , you may want to paint it.