Need a little holiday cheer but don't want to spend a bundle or have a lot to take down in January? Cranberry popcorn garlands may be just the thing! And while you can do a straight alternating cranberry/popcorn style garland, you can just as easily make something with more visual interest to spruce up small spaces!

Step 1: Gather your materials

Gather your materials. 

You will need:
Popped popcorn
  • You may want to pop your popcorn the day before you plan on making your garland so that it gets a little stale and is less prone to crumble. If you can't do that, try popping the corn early in the day, placing it in a paper or other breathable bag, and setting it outside for a few hours.
  • I found them in the regular fruit aisle at the store, not in the frozen section.
String or thread
  • I used the cotton yarn generally used for doilies. If you use regular sewing thread, consider doubling your strand for strength.

  • Be sure the eye of your needle is big enough for the string or thread you chose.

Beads or small things you can thread onto a string.

Cup of water - good hydration is always good :)
Cool looks very festive!
Thank you very much!

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