Step 8: Finish!

Picture of Finish!
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-Now that the copper has formed just like you wanted it to, WITH GLOVES ON, turn off the rectifier, unplug it, remove your piece from the solution and rinse in distilled water tub.  *Regular water will work, but sometimes it contains minerals that will discolor the new metal coating on your piece*

You can use the Copper Electroforming solution over and over again, but between uses, remove the copper anode and carefully funnel the solution back into its bottle.  

Your piece should be finished!  Now you can put it on a chain, string, or anything else you've designed!

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nona.lohr1 month ago

Hi. Thank you so much for showing people how to do this. I have a couple of questions. When you put the copper around your geode, did you wrap it all around the outside of the geode, and then put it on the back, too? And in step 8, the copper is only around the outside of the pendant. So what happened to the copper that was on the back of the geode? To send me an email please use