Step 7:

Same as variation 1 (Pic 3)sew the pockets by sewing from X to O downwards on the middle of the white lines until the end of the material. Start with double stitch and end with a double stitch ,so that the thread does not come out.

<p>Sooo nice! I made a variation for my smaller leather tools. Thanks for the beautiful idea :-)</p>
<p>very nice!</p>
The stripes make this super cute!
Thank you.I am loaded with kids orders.Hard to find cotton stripes.
This looks really pretty:)
Thanks to all those nice comments....
wow.love it
This is super duper... i just love the colours...
wow!its really gorgeous!super gift for kids and adults too...im going to make one too.
Its nice bcos it is simple and handy. I am going to make one. Thanks. Shahan
Thanks Hyde! I am glad you like my project....Did you managed to get the cotton material?All the best...
WOW!! I love love love this idea! Great job keep it up!! I will be going to the craft store today for some pretty striped fabric :)
Thanks emily!!! <br>I know it is really nice... <br> <br>Not only for Pens/Pencil can be used for various stuffs like spoons,knives,screw drivers etc.My husband is using the multi colored pouch for his tools....
love this project!
Very cute! Love the striped fabric you chose. :)
Thanks Jessy!! I am new to this.....I have loads of orders for sale,unfortunately I can not find cotton striped materials...Still hunting..

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