So, today we will be making really cool duct tape heart shaped card. It can hold a note or something special! It is a wonderful gift to go along with maybe some candies or teddy bear! It adds that nice personal touch to any gift. This is also a contest entry in the Valentines Day Contest so please vote for me! Now lets get started!

Step 1: Supplies

You will need only five household items to make your unique gift for that special someone.

-Duct Tape.. 2 colors preffered, and the colors are up to you!
-Some type of cutting tool. (X-acto, or box cutter)
-Some type of cutting board. Stainless steel, self healing board like mine, or anything else.

-You might need a ruler if you dont have a nice fancy shmansy cutting board like mine.

Now we got our supplies, lets get started on the hard work! (Not really that hard!)
Pretty good for a guy doing it!! No offence at all

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