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This neckwarmer is something I thought up recently when I wanted to finish off some leftover skeins of yarn. It is fun, fashionable and most importantly functional. It knits up in a flash and can be made with any chunky yarn you have laying around. Do a solid color, stripes, checks, or anything else you can think of!


OutdoorGirl16196 (author)2013-10-23

Love the shirt!

Zontee at Lion Brand (author)2008-01-21

Looks very warm--it would be really useful right now for me, considering how cold it is in NYC today! Better get knitting...

Aar000n3y (author)2008-01-10

You already made an instructable with these pictures in it. You don't need to make a slideshow for it too.

ktr2 (author)Aar000n3y2008-01-10

I needed a slideshow to be entered in the knitting contest, but I wanted to have full instructions as well...

Aar000n3y (author)ktr22008-01-10

Oh, okay. Didn't realize that. That's kind of weird for a knitting contest to only accept slideshows. A full instructable can easily give more info.

GorillazMiko (author)Aar000n3y2008-01-10

That's true, I was wondering why they wouldn't accept Instructables. I think that they want people to use the Slideshows so people can get used to them, and also the challenge just wants to see what/ how/ why they made it and stuff, but good idea posting an Instructable too.

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