Unisex Neckwarmer




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Introduction: Unisex Neckwarmer

This neckwarmer is something I thought up recently when I wanted to finish off some leftover skeins of yarn. It is fun, fashionable and most importantly functional. It knits up in a flash and can be made with any chunky yarn you have laying around. Do a solid color, stripes, checks, or anything else you can think of!



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    Looks very warm--it would be really useful right now for me, considering how cold it is in NYC today! Better get knitting...

    You already made an instructable with these pictures in it. You don't need to make a slideshow for it too.

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    I needed a slideshow to be entered in the knitting contest, but I wanted to have full instructions as well...

    Oh, okay. Didn't realize that. That's kind of weird for a knitting contest to only accept slideshows. A full instructable can easily give more info.

    That's true, I was wondering why they wouldn't accept Instructables. I think that they want people to use the Slideshows so people can get used to them, and also the challenge just wants to see what/ how/ why they made it and stuff, but good idea posting an Instructable too.