Picture of Universal Bottle Crusher
The Universal Bottle Crusher is a human-operated and gravity assisted machine that we have created to promote recycling. As we have walked around our school halls, we have noticed that recycling bins are filled all the way to the top and overflowing. This machine will crush bottles/cans, which will prevent recycling bins from overflowing, because of decreased volume of each can.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
1 9 foot piece of rope, 1 4 foot by 4 inch PVC, 2 4 inch plastic drains, 1 three mouthed pipe, 1 roll of duct tape, 1 roll of electric tape, 1 cleat, 1 axe head, 2 screws
Drill, Dremel, Knife, Glue

Step 2: Step 1- Poke A Hole

Picture of Step 1- Poke A Hole
The first thing that you should do to make a Universal Can Crusher is poke a hole in the drain. You do this do the string can come to the top of the can crusher so you can begin to promote recycling. Note- Make sure that you do not poke the hole right in the middle of the shower drain, poke it where it is in the picture.

Step 3: Step 2- Insert Skrews

Picture of Step 2- Insert Skrews
In this step, you must put on two screws into the cleat to secure the cleat to the PVC pipe. The purpose of this is to secure the rope in place so other supplies do not fall through in later steps. This step must be completed correctly or your other steps will not be executed correctly.

Step 4: Step 3- Attach And Lower String

Picture of Step 3- Attach And Lower String
Next, you must attach the rope to the axe head and make sure the flat side is facing down. Then, loop the string through the drain and make sure that it is secure. Look at the next slides picture for further assistance.

Step 5: Step 4- Tie to Clear

Picture of Step 4- Tie to Clear
After you tie the knot securely to the axe head, take the shower drain with the hole in it and pull the string through that hole in the shower drain. Lastly, tie it to the cleat on the side. The interior of the machine should be secure and in place after this step.
tjdux made it!10 months ago

I made a very different design than yours and far less pretty. Your crusher is very nice looking tool. I like the simple design of yours which helped inspire my own idea. Enough force and BAM smashed cans.

The Freak2 years ago
I doubt schools would like something standing in the hallway that crushes stuff.. Nonetheless I hope they have a garbage compressing machine. So for schools this might not be the best idea, but for other places (a home, community centre or whatever) I think it's a good idea!
mikeasaurus2 years ago
What's happening in the picture in Step 1?
I like the idea Gents.