Universal Charging Station




Introduction: Universal Charging Station

HI Guys,

I have made this Charging Station for all kind of Mobiles, Battery Banks, and 12V Battery and power supply.

10 micro micro usb plug pin out

10 Nokia small charger pin.

5 Samsung i900 charger pin

1 5in1 Charger.

3 USB Port

And 1- 12V Charger.

Total Number of Charger is 30, 3 USB Port and 1 12V out put.

Step 1: Power Supply

Its a ATX computer Power supply. its has +5V, +12V, and -5V in this supply.

I have open it and clean it.

Step 2: Parts List

Parts we will need

1- 10 micro micro usb plug pin out

2- 10 Nokia small charger pin.

3- 5 Samsung i900 charger pin

4- 1 5in1 Charger.

5- 3 usb socket

6- 2, 220 ohm 5w resistor.

7- 1 red ac & 1 green led indicators.

8- 1 On/Off Switch.

9- 1red and 1black banana sockets

10- 4 Enclosure Feet

11- some zip ties

Step 3: Part Placing

I have set this way, its depends on you how u want to place your parts.

Step 4: Connections

In My ATX power Supply there are 6 Types of color Wires

1- Black- Ground

2- Orange- Power Good.

3- Red- +5V

4- White- -5V (Not Need this one)

5- Yellow- +12V- 3.60Amp Minimum and 7.2Amp Maximum.

6- Blue- +12V 0.25Amp Minimum and 0.5Amp Maximum.

On/Off switch is placed AC input. and red AC indicator is wired with it.

Green LED (DC) will be placed Between Orange- Power Good & Black- Ground Wire.

2, 220 ohm 5w resistor is placed between Blue- +12V & Black- Ground wire in series.

Red and Black banana sockets is for 12V, the Yellow- +12V is hooked with Red banana socket and Black is for Black- Ground Wires.

Rest All the charger and USB Port will Wired with Red- +5V & Black, When you Strip the Charging wire you will get 2 wire there should be a 1red Wire and the other wire can be Blue, black, white, green etc, Positive (+) wire will red one and other the that rest will ground (-) wire, the Red- +5V will connect with the positive red charging wire and ground will be connect with Black- Ground from ATX supply.

In USB socket there will be 4 pins, we will using only 2 out most pins of USB socket. when you look at the USB socket pins you way facing down then right most pin should be Positive pin and Left Most will be Ground pin so Positive pin will be hooked with Red- +5V form ATX supply and Left Most hooked with Black- Ground form ATX Supply.

Step 5: All Done.

Here Is the Video.



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