Step 6: STOP.....Give it a test

Picture of STOP.....Give it a test

STOP....don't proceed any further until you Test er' Out. You don't want to make any permanent/semi-permanent  adjustments to you project until you know it's working just in case there might be a loose or broken connection somewhere, or you've wired up you channels on the wrong pins of a connector....I'm speaking from experience here, these things happen :).

Grab your favorite music player and see if those tunes will indeed make you bounce.

Some possible Issues you may face:

- Your music player of choice is not working, try another
- You've accidentally swapped the order of CHL & CHR on the inputs or outputs
- A solder joint has come loose somewhere
- One of the audio jacks you've used is too long or too short to make the proper connections, try pushing/pulling your connections a bit in fine increments
- You may have a Thumbwheel that is too high in resistance or is bad

Do not proceed to the next step until all is good, you may need an Ohmmeter to help you out.

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