Universal Ipod Dock


Introduction: Universal Ipod Dock

I have seen a few pretty good iPod docks made from knex, but they all seem to be pretty costly. However I only have a value tub on hand, so I made a strong, lightweight dock for all iPods. Plus, at only 24 pieces, its something most people can afford to do.

Step 1: Pieces

2 orange
2 red
2 dark grey
2 yellow
2 tan

4 green
6 white
3 blue
1 yellow

charger cord

Step 2: Base

pretty simple, follow the picture.

Step 3: Dock

make the two items, connect them as in picture 3.

Step 4: Assemble

snap the base into the open red slots. weave the cord through the assembly as in pic 2(sorry for the glare).done!

Step 5: Tips

pinch the two sides tightly onto the cord. when removing iPod, pinch plug so it doesn't come dislodged easily. adjust the tan connectors so your iPod rests comfortably on them.



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    Cool! Works for me! I build one, (and added a few things). Thanks for sharing this! :)

    13, 1:25 PM.jpg

    awesome:) are the two blue arms for extra support?