Picture of Universal Knex grenade launcher!
I have seen all sorts of k'nex grenades. and i think at least one launcher but they aren't really universal.
What makes my launcher unique is that it fires almost any knex grenade.

Step 1: The Base

Picture of The Base
To build the base you will need:

-5 blue rods
-1 blue+grey double clip.
-2 yellow rods
-1 grey rod
-1 black end clip
-2 grey clips

assemble it by looking at the picture bellow. It's very simple.
xduke5 years ago
(removed by a piece of evil space chocolate)
lol what?
NatNoBrains4 years ago
It only fires like 12cm for me :(
Nice but too many rubber bands snaps the rod, not enough and it wont move XP. Good idea though.
just reinforce the rods. simple...
poilsoup26 years ago
how do u fire???
liusaaaa16 years ago

freddd7 years ago
hey. With your permission i can show a modification. my elastic band was too long for your version so i extended it. Great launcher as it stands tho. hurts too :P wouldnt recommend being in the fireing range
bananna39 (author)  freddd7 years ago
yea, freddd you can have my permission to modify or change anything on it.. just post the link to it in the comments here so i can check it out..
You might want to post the completed gun as the main photo, not the parts list :-)
bananna39 (author) 7 years ago
bradleyJOHN7 years ago
it looks just like a mortar